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With temporary factory shutdowns due to the pandemic, many technology manufacturers are struggling to get the parts they need to make their products.    Many of these parts are not only used for computer technology, but are used in cars, home appliances and even toothbrushes.  With the continued demand from both consumers and manufactures many wonder when supply will catch up with demand.  Harry catches up with Eric Boone and Randy Roe to chat on production shortages and the cannabis industry.

Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  0:54 

that’s a big deal. Yeah, yeah,

Eric Boone  0:55 

that’s about a quarter of a million people on on a good year will come visit him fest and so we genuinely feel we’ve been an instrumental voice in the, in the advancement and, and reduction of the prohibition on on cannabis plants. So yeah, really excited to see a progress of our mission, but the pandemic Did, did really lay the hurt on us. So we’re, we’re reimagining ourselves a little bit. We’re continuing our spirit of volunteerism, and, and looking out for the environment, looking out for prisoners of the war on drugs, and just educating people about cannabis plants. So

Harry Brelsford  1:33 

that’s a valid point. Last question. That’s a valid point, because I’ve gotten to your show, I didn’t know you at the time, but I’ve done to your show. And it seemed like my concern was once cannabis went legal in the state of Washington, would you still be relevant? Right, and and you’ve done a good job of relevancy. What’s the secret sauce on that?

Eric Boone  1:51 

Yeah. So I mean, that’s, that’s, you know, the first chapter of a very long book. You know, prohibition was never the right thing to do. We’ve got a 5000 year history is a plan prior to the last 80. So I mean, there’s, there’s a whole lot of damage to be done. There’s still a lot of education to be done around the planet, a lot of stigmas to be dispelled, and most importantly, a lot of people spending time in prison for color. And, you know, you got a lot of people making a lot of money off this planet right now. And it’s just not that disparity. So we’re, we’re a loud voice, and a loud siren for the cow. But fortunately,

Harry Brelsford  2:28  

they’re not coming for us. cannabis is legal now in the state of Washington. So I actually my heart didn’t miss a beat. I, I’ll be there in 2022 with a good, good, thank you very much. Very good live. Randy Roe. Come here. Randy. We’ve talked to you before in the 420 MSP. I want to talk specifically we’re having coffee here on the waterfront and you talked about the hardware shortage, as you serve dispensary. So frame it up six months, 12 months what’s going on in hardware?

Randy Roe  2:59 

Well, due to the due the pandemics there are there are parts that are missing that are going to other industries. Yeah. And when a cell gets left behind

Harry Brelsford  3:10 

the Department of Defense gets first claim

Randy Roe 3:16 

they pay more and the point of sale the retailer.

Harry Brelsford  3:18

Yeah, no, that’s actually a valid point.

Randy Roe  3:20

Yeah. And so all of a sudden you don’t have parts to Bill printers. Here printers receipt. preamps are a huge issue. Absolutely. One of the biggest issues but also basic computer parts that are needed and the hardware Yes, random pieces are not available and inevitably creating delays. It’s a minimum Right.

Harry Brelsford  3:42

Yeah. And that’s what I wanted to get to that that’s a real delay. So this this will be posted after I see you this weekend. You and I are going to Nashville Tennessee for Retail Now the RSPA t group appointed itself on resellers bars consultants. I have not been quickly what’s what’s that show like? Historically it’s it’s it’s a show

Randy Roe  4:06

where historically on attendance back into the 90s used to be an organization called set up with 50 years ago to to come up with come up with an organized effort to compete with NCR got NCR had done some left a lot of competitions and the unfair dirt. And so they they got together band together to resolve that it turned into you know, just an amazing gift together for technologists that are looking for the next generation of technologies. That’s one of our roles is to identify which is

Harry Brelsford  4:50

why the cannabis vertical would be the front center this year.

Randy Roe  4:55

As you can imagine acannabis has never come up before. These trade shows. Yeah, this year. It seems to be a theme. And so I’m really glad to hear that thing. Well, what we’ll do,

Harry Brelsford  5:07

I’m taking the podcast kit to Nashville, of course. So we’ll watch out again, you know towards the end of that show and see what you think. But gents, Sunny Seattle. What do you know? Thanks for your time.

Thank you.