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Digital transformation or the process of using digital technologies to help streamline business processes, cultures, and customer experiences, has taken hold in many industries including cannabis.  Using digital technologies has not only helped many businesses streamline their processes but has become an integral part of driving success through customer purchases and interactions.  A lot of cannabis businesses have started to use an Omni Channel ( An omnichannel customer experiences a seamlessly connect, allowing customers to pick up where they left off on one channel and continue the experience on another) to reach out to their customer, whether it’s email, text, or social media.  Jerry Abiog shares with us how he is pulling data to connect customer patterns to predict sales numbers, what they are going to buy and so much more. 

Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  0:07 

Hey 420 MSP back with one of our leading can attack influencers in Jerry Abiog over at Standard Insights, how’re you doing? Good to see you again?

Jerry Abiog  0:18 

Hey, Harry, great to see you again. I know we met up but mjbizcon by accident, if you will, at one of my partners booth. So it was cool to do that after meeting on Zoom a few weeks back.

Harry Brelsford  0:32 

Yeah, yeah, I wish we had more time busy show. Never enough time at that show, you know, but uh, any of it. Standard insights. First of all, what’s your personal story in what’s the story? I’m standard insights,

Jerry Abiog  0:46 

yeah, personal story and got 25 plus years in sales and marketing experience about 10 years ago went out on my own, do my own thing with helping software companies with sales and marketing initiatives, worked for another AI startup a few years back. That failed, but then took the lessons learned from that failure. And then through serendipitous events, myself and three other guys formed standard insights. Yeah, standard insights does its AI as a service marketing platform. And we help businesses leverage your first party, customer data to help them drive growth, and improve their market share. And the way we do this is we help those businesses prioritize and execute data driven omni channel campaigns to help them target the right person with the right time.

Harry Brelsford  1:41 

Yep, that’s, that’s great.  So, Jerry, you’re using the word that’s familiar to my past life and technology and the MSPs and channel partners, Omni channel, what? What is O mni channel?

Jerry Abiog  2:24 

It’s targeting to your customer, wherever they find your product or buy your products. So that could be you know, online, or brick and mortar. And maybe you’re reaching out to them, whether it’s email, text, or social media, though cannabis, you can’t really do social media. But yeah, just wherever the customer. Okay, media.

Harry Brelsford  2:48 

Yeah. And the reason I ask is, you know, I have my own view of that word, but for the benefit of our viewers, it’s not a word everybody hears all the time, right? So I’m, I’m looking at your website, maybe you can kind of run me through your workflow, measure, connect, engage and improve. And then I want to ask you a couple questions as an influencer.

Jerry Abiog  3:08 

Yeah, yeah, good. So really, it starts off with getting that data, right and running it through our AI engine. What’s that connecting pattern? Well, we’re pulling data, you could do it the good old fashioned spreadsheets, but you’re coming from ERPs. They’re coming from an E commerce platform, and their point of sale that runs through our AI engine, the AI makes certain predictions, right? So it can predict. So if you’re a dispensary, you’ve got 10,000 customers, five 600 products can predict what each of those people are likely to buy, you can predict the potential profitability of one of your customers, right? So now you can, you know, accurate segmentation of pricing and promotions, right, you never want to give away the margin. Number three, it could predict when a particular product like like the CBD, how many of this will sell in a given day, week or month? So now you got these predictions? Well, what do you do with that? Well, you’ve got to take that data and run with it if you will, right. Because if you don’t do anything with the data, it’s like driving a car or having a nice car, and it just sits in the garage. So now you’re executing campaigns, email, text triggers to get me to reorder this, if you see me, I ordered this, you know, once every three weeks, and then it’s measuring and measuring and adjusting and how you can improve, right? So what do we measure? Well, typically, we’re gonna I mean, everyone’s gonna tell you to drive sales, and we’re no different but we approach it from a data driven perspective. So what does that mean? Well, it’s improving customer experience preventing customer decision, telling the customer what to do next. So you can get that it’s never always going to be perfect right? And then you can improve sales you can increase average order value, you can prevent customer churn?

Harry Brelsford  5:02 

Yep. Loop a man after my own heart is you and I talked offline I did a analytic startup in Seattle a couple years. So I, I’m totally on board. Do you serve just dispensaries? Or do you serve growers and processors and manufacturers?

Jerry Abiog  5:20 

So all the above as long as data? I mean, we were I were we met each other, right? Those guys are growers primarily at the booth. So, but as long as they have a good solid data and looking for predictions we can help.

Harry Brelsford  5:38 

Alright is influencer um, I always like to ask name two or three conferences. You you’ve gone to or plan to go to obviously mjbizcon. Right. Any others?

Jerry Abiog  5:51 

Yeah, organic analytics. I’m here in Atlanta, sir. Are you wish Canvas related? Show if you will, there are two years old. Actually. I was about to speak at their year in October, but they postponed it until next spring, but it ends up to be a blessing in disguise because I get to do a webinar in the meantime, prior to speaking at that event, next spring. So as far as what my what my docket looks like in the cannabis space. I mean, they’re still kind of early, but we’re, you know, I’m looking at things for spring of next year.

Harry Brelsford  6:32 

Sure. Sure. And then I also like to ask what magazines or bloggers do you like to follow in addition to marijuana venture magazine?

Jerry Abiog  6:44 

Oh, first, I guess, got my first article, if you will, or podcasts if you will, and the the cannabis Marketing Association. So that’s the first one I so that’s the one off the top of my head.

Harry Brelsford  6:58 

Yeah. Yeah. That’s cool. And we’re gonna get you back. I you shared with me that in 2022, early 2022. You’re going to be publishing an article in marijuana venture, which was part of this whole motion of awarding you a leading Canna tech influencer designation, so we want to get you back and talk about that article. How’s that sound? Yeah, absolutely. Welcome. All right. All right. Thanks for your time.

Jerry Abiog  7:23 

Thanks, Harry.