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Foote: Remote Work in Alaska

MSP Dan Foote, DanTech Services (Anchorage, Alaska), has expertise in helping his clients pivot to remote work. His firm gained that experience with the large November 2018 earthquake in Southcentral Alaska that impacted several clients. Building on the natural disaster experience, Foote has stayed in front of the coronavirus outbreak by responding quickly and even setting up a special page on Remote Worker Support HERE ( Watch this interview plus catch the part where Foote talks about his travel plans to go to Lower 48 (aka Outside) technology conferences this spring.

Why BlueStar is SUPPORTING the Cannabis Tech Conference

Industry leader Duane Roebuck at BlueStar speaks towards the value he sees in being a supporter of the Cannabis Tech Conference. Roebuck and BlueStar got into the cannabis vertical early and he is often seen at leading cannabis business events. Roebuck wants to meet and greet Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and others in Denver.

Sadler: From Start to $70M via Organic Growth

We’re back with George Sadler, co-founder of Platinum (in Southern California), and we play what’s your story! He’s a humble self-made modest man who has weaved his way into the legal cannabis industry over the past decade as a family business. Hard work, living within your means and overcoming obstacles are all part of this long format interview.

Cannabis 201 Marketing

Join us for the launch of the marketing materials to propel you into the cannabis technology sector. Based on your feedback in prior MSP Tech Talk lectures, we’ve developed ‘da kit to help you go to market building a wildly profitable new business practice. Applies to medically-legal states in addition to recreationally-legal (adds up to a majority of US states). Applies to Canada and other select global locations. And that’s all we’re willing to share here – you’ll just have to attend for the rest.