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Grow and Go: Canada Hits 2 Year Legal Mark

Canada hit the two year mark of the government regulating recreational cannabis, with many highs and lows over the years. Although, Canada has hit the two year mark customers are still getting their cannabis from the black market. In recent surveys it was predicted that only 21% of cannabis is purchased legally, showing Canada still has a lot of ground to cover. Watch as we go over the highs and lows of the past two years, and how the US can learn from Canada.

Cannabis Supply Chain

With the recent growth of the cannabis industry and hundreds of new businesses popping up each year, from growers and producers, to retail, ancillary and technology companies, supply chain management has become increasingly complex. While technology companies have been instrumental in the growth and implementation of technologies to help the supply chain, there are still so many avenues of the process that could use improvement. The supply chain is made up of five stages. The first stage is cultivation of the plant. This is followed by extraction of cannabinoids. From there, the next stage is testing. Distribution and retail are the fourth and last stages. The supply chain itself may sound simple, but it actually can be quite complex. With each stage having its own interworking and needs, the supply chain for each stage is endless. Watch as Harry and Joe explore supply chain management within the Cannabis Industry.

Texas Movement with Government Affairs on Hemp

Chuck Mains joins 420MSP to chat about the Texas Department of State Health Services adopting official rules governing the production (cultivation), processing, handling, sampling, testing, and disposal of hemp, which is defined as cannabis with less than .3% THC. These rules go into effect July 26th and have been long coming since the end of 2018, hemp was legalized nationwide and in June 2019, state lawmakers instituted the Texas Hemp Program. With the release of applications to the public to obtain a licenses, Texas is expected to have thousands of people apply to grow hemp in 2020, sowing the seeds of a crop that could create growth in industries such as agriculture, food and beverage, textiles, and construction. Watch the Full Interview HERE.

Building your Cannabis Marketing Strategy

Harry is joined by marketing master Katriana Zommers, to discuss finding your voice on Instagram as a cannabis company. Kat shares some of her tips on building your audience, branding and building customer relationships through organic options. At this time she says there are some great opportunities for brand building, and customer connections without even spending a dollar on marketing. Watch the interview and integrate some of Kats tips into your marketing plan.

Cannabis Essential Business

With the pandemic all around us businesses are trying to figure out how to adjust to the current conditions. Although, the Cannabis Industry has been deemed essential they are trying to figure out how to scale within regulations for both the pandemic and their state regulations. Many are trying to automate their business to have kiosk solutions, update operational efficiency and RFID so when the second and or third wave hits us they are prepared to move forward in these ever changing times. Watch as Duane and Harry chat not only about the Cannabis industry but businesses as a whole in these ever changing times.