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Joining a Community

If you aren’t taking advantage of community groups or professional communities you are missing out. While it is impossible to join and participate in every community out there, having a good active hand in a couple communities can make a huge impact on your business. From knowledge and resources from other members, to recommendations and networking, getting your name known in the community or industry provides invaluable benefits.

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Cannabis Technology Community Involvement

Dan Foote joins Harry Brelsford and the 420MSP Community to chat about community involvement within the Cannabis Industry. From events to trade groups there are many ways to get involved in the industry. These groups allow you to make connections, grow relationships, and gain knowledge into the business. Watch and learn how to get involved.

Remke – State of Illinois Going Live 2020

Contributor Jim Remke from Chicago (POSRG) imparts deep insights into the State of Illinois going live for adult use in early 2020. Highlights from this interview include social equity components the law such as woman-owned and minority-owned business (that get extra points on their business applications), How the law also expunged past marijuana convictions. We briefly discuss the various types of licenses and the zones where cannabis-related businesses can be open. One example is that all medical use dispensaries have the right to apply for adult use. It’s all here in the interview.

Weiss: Here are Topics for a 420MSP Conference!

Contributor Josh Weiss and I had a meetup in Pittsburgh to do an in-person interview as part of the Continuum Navigate conference. We start talking about reinventing yourself – a pillar of a 420MSP community. I float the idea of a Spring 2020 two-day conference for MSPs in the cannabis vertical (hint: Denver, CO). Weiss offers up some content suggestions.