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James: Report from Seattle With The Pandemic and Seniors

Back in like Flynn with Dennis James from Seattle and we’re talking cannabis in the senior community. We’re talking dispensary sales surging in the pandemic. James shares what is was like to be in the “epicenter” in the COVID-19 crisis and hit one senior home super hard. Sales are up lending credence to our beliefs that cannabis is benefiting from hoarding inspired sales plus its counter-cyclical.

Weiss: Put Yourself Out There in 2020 as a Cannabis MSP

One of contributors, Josh Weiss (an MSP at LA Creative), fancies himself a firmly affixed in the California cannabis vertical. He is and has earned that reputation because he is out there doing it. The past year Weiss started attending cannabis investment meetups and made four presentations. In 2020 he’ll be engaged with a cannabis co-worker space (talk about creative). First off – a focus on cybersecurity. “We’re putting ourselves out there.” Weiss shared in the interview. Spoiler alert – look for a second cannabis co-worker space in 2020 as well. One take away – you can make money as a Cannabis MSP without touching the flower but supporting the ecosystem. Another takeaway: focus only on ONE cannabis meetup – don’t try to go to every meetup. Weiss is gunning to go to MJBizCon in Las Vegas in mid-December.

Report from RADexpo 2019

Reporting from Portland Oregon at RADexpo (“Retail and Dispensary Expo) – Harry highlights how this show is focused on the downstream third-leg of the stool of the medical and adult use cannabis supply chain. Specific mentions of store design and participating in trade associations are made in this segment. Bottom line – get involved with events and trade groups as your build your professional reputation and expertise in the cannabis vertical. I will attend RADexpo in 2020…

Positively POS for Dispensaries

This cannabusiness vertical is attracting seasoned professionals and solution providers from adjacent communities very quickly. That’s exactly how we met
POS Remarketing Group (POSRG) from Chicago. It has leveraged its long standing POS expertise to drive a new cannabis dispensary POS business unit. In this interview with Jim Remke, we discover that POSRG has entered the cannabis field with a Total Life Cycle approach. More importantly, it’s open and receptive to working with Managed Services Providers (MSPs) allowing all parties to do what they do best.