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Leveraging Customer Data to Grow Your Business

Customer insight is all about analyzing your customers data to better understand who your customers are, what brands they like, and how to provide better customer service to them. Gathering, and evaluating this data not only allows you to make better decisions on how and when to sell, market, and improve customer experiences, it also provides you the opportunity to grow your business by increasing profits through targeting the correct customers. Although, many businesses have insight into their customers data, they are not leveraging the information to optimize customer experiences. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with Bethany Gomez of Brightfield Group, LLC to discuss the importance of customer data and how to leverage it.

Different Levels of Analytics

In the recent years data trends have made huge advancements. When you think about data trends machine learning, AI, big data, and advance analytics may come to your mind. At the core of all of these phrases is data which will help your organization grown, help you make smarter business decisions, as well as more informed decision. We meet up with Eric Boone who shares with us the different levels of analytics and where the industry is right now.