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Haskelson: Pandemic will Impact Regulatory Matters

We’re back with Mark Haskelson – our New York-based analyst – who is well know for compliancy. I lob a firestarter over the fence concerning upcoming statuary matters such as deadlines in the State of Illinois. Haskelson shares the trends he is tracking with state-level licensing (the regulatory cadence). He *was* hopeful that we’d see change in the financial structure of the cannabis industry in 2020 but with the pandemic front and center, such changes will likely be delayed.

420MSP Posse Launch Party and 1st Anniversary Happy Hour – Online

We’re serious about cannabis technology and you should be too! Join this initial meet-and-greet as we build an exciting cannabis technology community of a wide range of stakeholders including everyone on the seed-to-sale cannabis technology supply chain: Businesses, Owners, Decision Makers, IT Pros and Managed Services Providers. We’re all in this together and we are better when we share knowledge. Plus this is FUN!

PS – we are also toasting to the first anniversary of my startup 420MSP that is laser focused on the cannabis technology supply chain!

Cannabis Cybersecurity Attacks and Hacks

Esteemed analyst Josh Weiss, an MSP in Los Angles, walks us through a recent CNN article “The cannabis industry’s next big threat: Hacks and fraud” HERE ( We key in on the fraud conversation – in particular – investment fraud. Weiss is in a cannabis investor meetup in Southern California. Weiss shares that the recent meetup talked about this topic – for example, this is a new vertical that is attractive to bad actors.

MJBizCon: What is the Story

When I was working the floor at MJBizCon 2019 – I bumped into an Odoo executive who said the magic word: partners. Odoo gets it when it comes to Managed Services Providers (MSP) and wants to help the tide rise for the entire industry. The is a larger than expected global technology company (it plays in other verticals, etc.). Oh – what does Odoo do? It’s a modular business ERP platform helping cannabis companies be more efficient.