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MJBizCon: What is the Story

When I was working the floor at MJBizCon 2019 – I bumped into an Odoo executive who said the magic word: partners. Odoo gets it when it comes to Managed Services Providers (MSP) and wants to help the tide rise for the entire industry. The is a larger than expected global technology company (it plays in other verticals, etc.). Oh – what does Odoo do? It’s a modular business ERP platform helping cannabis companies be more efficient.

MJBizCon – We Grow Every Year!

We speak with an executive at Treez about his emphasis on customer experience. At MJBizCon, Treez is releasing enhancements that go beyond it’s point-of-sale roots. Includes analytics to help the supply chain target and meet customer demand. Spoiler alert – Treez views itself as a data company.

IoT is the Gateway to Cannabusiness Clients

After lecturing on IoT and Cannabusiness on the big stage at the early May 2019 ChannelPro SMB Forum, we caught up with Luis Alvarez, president of Alvarez Technology Group. Based on Central California, an agricultural hot bed that has diversified to include cannabis growers and producers, Alvarez’s secret to success is IoT. Along the way we discuss the industry landscape including market size, government, politics and much more. Finally – watch towards the end to learn what the golden ticket is!

WAXE-FM: Deep Questions into Harry’s MSP book

WAXE-FM: Deep Questions into Harry’s MSP book

It takes one to know one. Former MSP and long-time industry player Laura Steward and Harry Brelsford recently got together on her WAXE-FM radio show out of Florida to discuss the new book “How to Be an MSP – Volume 1: Vertical Edition” on her thoughtful show “It’s All...

Positively POS for Dispensaries

This cannabusiness vertical is attracting seasoned professionals and solution providers from adjacent communities very quickly. That’s exactly how we met
POS Remarketing Group (POSRG) from Chicago. It has leveraged its long standing POS expertise to drive a new cannabis dispensary POS business unit. In this interview with Jim Remke, we discover that POSRG has entered the cannabis field with a Total Life Cycle approach. More importantly, it’s open and receptive to working with Managed Services Providers (MSPs) allowing all parties to do what they do best.