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Roebuck – Practical Cellular Failover Use Cases in Cannabis

The journey continues as we circle back to Duane Roebuck (BlueStar). We double click into an important infrastructure topic: staying up and running at the end of the supply chain. For just pennies, cannabis dispensaries can stay UP when everything else is down. This is important for two reasons: security and revenue. Both of these topics are discussed. Watch!

Church: Already doing it in the Cannabis Vertical

Steven Church, CEO of Cobalt Computer Services (Eugene, OR), is already ahead of the curve having served a several cannabis businesses. It all started with the proverbial medical marijuana practice helping them operating as a technology sound small business. Then the other clients started rolling in. Watch as Church describes his journey on educating customers to ascend the technology maturity continuum. Watch closely for his tip of the hat to discussing business matters such as compliancy.