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About Us

Expertise, Excitement and Enthusiasm!

The Seattle-based 420MSP team has deep domain knowledge of both the Managed Services Provider (MSP) community and the legal CBD/cannabis market. We are extremely active in both industries and are here to help YOU with the following insights, expertise and outcomes make strategic decisions about your MSP practice:

  • Take yourself out of your current situation as a traditional MSP in mature markets, and imagine a scenario where you aren’t being told what you are worth as a professional.
  • Where you aren’t being undercut because “another computer technician and MSP can do it cheaper.”
  • Where you’re able to choose your clients and who you work with, versus taking what you can get.
  • Where you’re working with clients and projects that are challenging, yet exciting because you are able to attribute how your work creates value in their business.
  • Where you’re known as THE EXPERT in one of the fastest growing industries in the country.
  • The choice is yours, and that choice looks like becoming a CBD/Cannabis MSP!
  • Join us – our job is to share our gifts with you to better your geek self!


Harry Brelsford

Your host at 420MSP, Harry Brelsford is half business and half technical (plus a bit of fun thrown in) in his business persona. Best known as the founder of SMB Nation, a Seattle-area global community of over 50,000 MSPs, IT Pros, Technology Consultants and Resellers…


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