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Increase Security with Facial Recognition

Legalization of cannabis is continuing to grow across North America, Canada, and is slowly making its way worldwide. Although cannabis is legal at many state levels the federal government is yet to jump on board. With legalization and market growth increasing so is the legislation, and compliance regulations. One of the major regulations is focused on cannabis security. With one in two cannabis outlets targeted for theft, and 17% of dispensaries robbed last year, these numbers show why security is so important in the cannabis industry. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group meets with CyberLink at the RSPA Conference to discuss their facial recognition engine for IOT/ALot and what it can bring to cannabis businesses.

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How to be an MSP

How to be an MSP

A note from author Harry Brelsford“Capitalizing on the successful SMB Nation community, I’m here to answer the most common...

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The 420MSP community, backed by the new book How to Be an MSP – Volume I: Vertical Edition, is a gathering place for like-minded managed services providers (MSPs) and business technology professional seeing to participate in the single greatest opportunity – the cannabis industry.
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