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What’s New in CannaTech: Clubhouse a New Social Media App

Clubhouse is a new branch of social networking based on voice conversations, which allow people from all around the world to come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time. Unlike most social media apps where you can look at your leisure, Clubhouse is a live conversation based app, where you have to be their or you will miss out. None of the conversations are recorded and nothing is available after the fact. It is almost like a in person conference or lecture where you can get together with like minded individuals to learn, ask questions, and interact. Currently, Clubhouse is in beta, and unavailable for the public without a private invite. Ryan Porter joins us to share his experience with Clubhouse and why you should join.

The Cannabis Market is Growing in Alaska

Despite 2020 and the pandemic cannabis sales in Anchorage continue to grow. Year over year growth is shown with a recorded $9 million in sales in September which is a 25% increase over the same month last year. Join Harry and Dan as they discuss the cannabis market in Alaska, and how you can get involved.

Changes in Social Media

With 2020 coming to an end we took a moment to reflect on all its changes (COVID-19, protests, global recession, and more) and how it has affected the social media landscape. As we look back over the year we realized a lot has changed, from the way we work and go to school, the way we shop, and even the way we greet others. With all of these changes in such a short period of time we have really seen social media take a hit in engagements in likes, especially with Facebook and Instagram on a crusade to fight fake news. With cannabis being part of this it has made it a lot harder for cannabis business who are just starting out to be seen. Join Kat as she takes us through the challenges brought on by 2020 and how it is affecting social media marketing and campaigns.

Predictions for 2021

With the recent election bringing recreational and medical cannabis victories, we are predicting that the new year will bring new state legislation, a hiring boom, and continued growth throughout the industry. With the recent acceptance among voters, and states looking to boost their tax dollars coming out of the pandemic, we are predicting New York, Virginia, Connecticut, New Mexico and Maryland, among others to legalize cannabis in some form. With the new states coming on board and hopefully more to follow MSPs should start to plan as they will be the first to be called to help design the network infrastructure as well as camera placement for dispensaries, grow operations, and more. Join Duane Roebuck as he shares his predictions for 2021.

Cannabis Companies Show Strong Growth in Q3 2020

Despite a global pandemic, American Cannabis Companies are showing exceptional growth as they report their Q3 numbers. Trulieve Cannabis, Curaleaf Holdings, Green Thumb Industries and Cresco Labs are amongst the top 4 cannabis companies who are showing record breaking growth. With many of these companies showing forward growth many opportunities not only for cannabis companies but also technology, packaging, supply chain, are popping up. Watch as Ryan Porter and Harry discuss Q3 earnings and what it can mean for MSPs.

Digital Marketing in Cannabis Industry

Digital marketing is a key piece to many businesses, with how accessible the internet is today. With the majority of society using the internet for business, daily needs, and connecting with friends and family it has become the place to connect with your audience at the right time. Although digital marketing has become highly effective in many businesses, there are a lot of roadblocks cannabis businesses are facing when using digital marketing. Even though there are some difficulties digital advertising is still a great tool for cannabis marketers, however, the key is you have to know what products are and are not allowed and what rules you have to follow on each platform. There currently two big players in the digital world that don’t allow Cannabis Advertising, Facebook and Google. Join us as we speak with Branched Roots a digital marketing company who has some tips and tricks on how to use digital marketing in the cannabis industry.

Huge Opportunity in Cannabis

With the current elections passing cannabis in 5 states, a huge opportunity has been opened up for many individuals and MSPs. With these new opportunities arising it is more important than ever to educate and stay up to date on the ever growing industry. A great way to not only build business relationships but also grow your knowledge of an industry is to join at trade group. Trade associations and or groups can be loosely defined as a group of people or companies who come together to network, learn from each other and accomplish common goals. There are currently some great trade groups and or community groups popping up through meetups, and other resources. Luis joins us to chat about some of the groups he is associated with and what he has learned from these groups.

2020 Elections: We Came Together

During the recent election we found the one things that brought the nation together was marijuana. Of the five states that had cannabis on the ballet, four states approved legal recreational use for adults age 21 and older, and Mississippi approved medical use. This was a huge win for many states, and shows how the quickly the cannabis industry is growing and will continue to grow. With the projected growth and tax revenue, many states may quickly start to follow suite in approving the use. Watch as Paul and Harry discuss the fascinating election and how this may change cannabis in many areas other than those approved.

2020 Elections: Mixed Bag?

Plenty is uncertain with the 2020 elections, however, one thing is certain, cannabis passed in all 5 states that had it on the ballot. With an overwhelming approval on cannabis policies results once again affirms that marijuana legalization is a uniquely popular issue with voters of all political persuasions. Although, cannabis passed with flying colors, many other things on the ballot where very uncertain. We catch up with Chuck Mains a lobbyist for Texas to see is take on the elections.

Importance of Site Surveys

As an MSP, a site survey is an essential tool to help you, and your customers save valuable time, money and resources. The site survey is the first opportunity for you to get a look at not only the extent of the project, but also gather intelligence to help you make better informed decisions; reducing the likelihood for errors that can cost you both time and money. Think of a site survey as a fact finding mission not only to educate yourself but also your client on the full extent of the project. Jim Remke joins us to share some of his tales from the trenches and why site surveys are so important.

Overcoming Objectives

Have you always wondered how to overcome objectives in business? Whether you are running a profitable marketing company or a cannabis retailer many businesses face the same types of objectives from, staying profitable, reducing costs, staying ahead of your competition and so much more. Being a small business entrepreneur provides new challenges every day. Take a look around the emerging cannabis industry, and it is clear they are facing the same growing pains and challenges that only the most well-run businesses are surviving. Join Harry and Dan as they discuss some of the objections and obstacles some of your clients may be facing and how you can assist them in overcoming them.

Cannabis Community Meetup

When entering an emerging vertical it is often more difficult than it first appears. Many companies underestimate vendor relations, building clientele, marketing, and basic vertical information. With the cannabis vertical emerging in more and more states the RSPA has started a cannabis community meet up to help bridge some of the gaps people entering the vertical are feeling.
This group was built to help provide a platform to promote knowledge sharing and peer learning, as well as to build relationships and or partnerships within the vertical. Watch as Jim shares his knowledge on this emerging vertical and how you can get involved with the RSPA Cannabis Community Meetup.