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Cash Management for Dispensaries

Every organizations from large enterprises to small businesses has its own specific needs in the workplace. Although, many businesses require different things to continue to operate, one thing is the same for all organizations, income. Did you know that poor cash management is the number one leading cause of business failure? We speak with Vik from CIMA who helps cannabis dispensaries reduce time, and increase security when it comes to managing cash. CIMA’s solutions remove almost all the manual tasks associated with cash handling, so your staff can spend more time in the store with your customers.


Luis Alvarez named leading MSP in cannabis technology

Luis Alvarez was named the leading MSP in cannatech in the May issue of Marijuana Venture Magazine. Not only does Luis portray the domain expertise but he has commitment to the industry to go with it. With his commitment and goal driven team he has been able to successfully enter and stay up to date with this extremely fast moving industry.


Cannabis Big Data

With the cannabis industry evolving quickly, some business owners are struggling to keep up with regulations and data. Did you know that the cannabis industry is the first industry ever where data collection is mandated? Even though data collection is mandatory many businesses are not taking advantage of this data, and instead are doing only what they are required to by law. Little secret…. The data many cannabis businesses are required to obtain is a very powerful tool that can be used to answer questions within their business, grow their business, increase profits and improve efficiency. Join Henry Finkelstein from Cannabis Big Data has he goes over the importance of data and how you can use it to elevate your business.

Texas Legislation

Texas legislation has about 7 weeks left in it session, and is moving quickly to get all bills heard. These next few weeks are pretty critical if you’re going to get a bill out of committee because as it gets out of committee it goes to the floor and then goes to the chamber in the same process. So these next couple weeks are important to get all bills heard. There a couple critical bills being heard from the hemp cleanup bill, to expanding the use for cannabis as well as allowing universities to do research studies.


Better Times Ahead

The Retail Solution Providers Association is hosting its annual tradeshow July 25th to 27th in Nashville , at the Gaylord Opryland. Typically, this event draws about 2000 technology solution providers, so VARs, MSPs, software, developers, vendors, distributors, no end users, this is all a channel event, with about 160 exhibitors. RSPA is excited to announce that this year’s event will be hosting a track focusing on the Cannatech vertical market. This track was built to appeal to folks who really don’t know anything about the cannabis market or just exploring it, to those who are fully emerged and doing business. Join Jim and Harry as they chat about the upcoming conference, and what you can learn.

Online ordering platform Dutchie raised $200 million and acquires Greenbits and Leaf Logix

Dutchie an online ordering platform, based out of Bend, Oregon for the last few years, just announced a series c fundraising of $200 million with simultaneous acquisition of two of the largest point of sale vendors. Greenbits, a big player on the West Coast, and Leaf Logix based out of New York joined Dutchie to roll out a comprehensive program and add more value to dispensaries and consumers. With the mission to provide safe and easy access to Cannabis while helping power positive societal changes Dutchie is a company to watch.

New York Recently Passed Legislation

New York recently passed legislation legalizing recreational marijuana use, which is a huge win for the tri state area, especially after New Jersey’s win in November. With the legalization in New York creating huge opportunities for not only small businesses, but entrepreneurs who are already starting to create the infrastructure, but now they have the backing of the government. Kat shares with us the she has personally “met contacts in the New York area, who are looking to bring the sophistication of the West Coast cannabis industry really onto the East Coast, which hasn’t happened yet, simply because the legality hasn’t been there.”

New York Becomes Legal

New York has finally legalized recreational marijuana, after Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed the bill into law at the beginning of April. The law allows New Yorkers to possess up to 3 ounces of cannabis for recreational use, as well as, expunges certain marijuana related convictions. With the largest city in North America becoming legal, this opens up a multi-billion dollar market and tremendous opportunities.

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The Importance of a Partner Programs

Throughout the years of working in technology I have learned firsthand how powerful relationships and partnerships can be to your organization. No matter the size of the partner, partner programs are so powerful that many large tech companies use them including Microsoft, Oracle, eBay, and thousands more.
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Cannabis Labeling and Packaging

Legal Cannabis has become a major phenomenon in the US over the past 10 years, with New York and New Mexico joining this month. With Cannabis becoming legal in more and more states many new regulations are coming into effect. With these new rules and regulations licensed cannabis businesses have learned to operate in accordance with these relatively stringent regulations which differ from state to state. One of the main regulations is cannabis packaging and labeling. With years and years of inconsistent packaging and labeling rules across states, much debate and frustration has arose amongst the industry.
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Is Cannabis Becoming more Mainstream for MSP’s?

The November elections (where 5 states went legal) coupled with the pandemic, people’s awareness of cannabis use has been heightened, we have seen a perception change over the last year. With Seattle surpassing 1 billion dollars in taxes, business leaders, politicians, and the community are looking at how they can get a piece of the pie. We chat with Dan Foote who has embraced the cannabis industry by assisting with their technology needs. Listen as we learn more about the cannabis industry, how it has changed, and how you can get involved.


VARS and ISV Challenges in the Cannabis Vertical

There are many challenges VARs and ISVs face in the Cannabis Industry, however, the biggest struggle has been to get face to face meetings with new dispensaries. Many times industry leaders say that the business is typically open prior to anyone even knowing they are opening. The challenge with this is you are not there in the planning phase to make the initial system purchase making it a much harder sell to do a rip and replace or even suggest better products. Watch as Jim and Harry chat about some solutions to these challenges.