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Canada has embraced Cannabis

Canada was the first of the G20 countries to fully legalize cannabis in the summer of 2018. Since then, Canada has embraced the cannabis market and in fact they have realized that Cannabis is going to be a part of their community. They have really accepted cannabis, and realized that it has not changed much as far as people buying it, using it etc… READ MORE

Cyber Resilience

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and is expected to continue to grow with the legalization of recreational and medical use in many US states, so does the threat for cyberattacks. Like many small and medium businesses in a fast growing market, many cannabis businesses have not invested or taken the time to install safety measures into their business processes to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. With the proper measures not in place many cybercriminals are targeting this industry as it is young, rapidly growing, and very vulnerable (not to mention they can’t get cyber insurance at this time). For cannabis retailers an attack on their business can not only mean a shut down with financial losses but it can be devastating to the overall business. Join Luis and Harry as they chat about cyberattacks and how you can be prepared.

eCommerce is Changing

As the world is changing and more people are consuming content and making purchases through online apps, many retailers are struggling to keep up with the ever changing progress consumers are demanding. With many consumers demanding more from online shopping, retailers are looking for opportunities to customize their eCommerce experience and drive customer satisfaction. This is where headless commerce is coming into play. Headless commerce is a architecture that allows developers to utilize front end technology and plug in an eCommerce solution into the background allowing a customer to have a seamless experience from shopping to checking out. Watch as Ryan and Harry explore headless commerce and how many businesses are implementing it.

Videos are the Now

With the world working mainly remotely, and people spending more time online than ever, video content has become more popular than ever. Although, most people have always thought that more information is better, new research shows that when it comes to video marketing, less is more. With the growth of media technology in our lives it has shown the deterioration of attention span which has gone from 12 seconds down to an average of eight seconds in the past years. With the video content growing, and attention spans deteriorating it is more important than ever to make the biggest impact in the shortest time. Join Kat and Harry as they chat about ways to improve your short form videos and what you should be doing today.

“The System”

Mike Semel joins us to share what the system (Saves You Stress Time Effort and Money) is. Mike has built many systems to help MSPs. These systems compile a collection of elements from documents, videos and more that are organized for a common purpose or subject to help MSPs. Typically, these systems are built to be dynamic and updated as things change and or evolve. Join Mike and learn about systems and how they can help your MSP business grow.

420MSP Welcomes Colin Martin

The 420MSP would like to welcome Colin Martin as an analyst. Colin comes from Vigilix which is an entrepreneurial company that protects and supports mission critical point of sales environments. Their industry-specific technology detects service issues, initiates corrective actions, and alerts support managers to changing conditions immediately. Join us as Colin shares the importance of protecting and supporting your point of sales environments.

Meet MJStack

MJStack is the cannabis industry’s answer to time-consuming vendor evaluations. As the cannabis technology industry grows, so does the list of providers who provide services. At MJStack they believe in pairing clients with best in class services while considering your unique go to market strategy and state regulatory factors. The best news is that this service is FREE. Brian Mayfield and Adam Benko join 420MSP to share their passion in serving their clients by discovering ideal technology stacks .

Safe Banking Act

The Secure And Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act was first introduced to Congress in May of 2017 and reintroduced in April 2019. This legislation act was designed to bridge a gap and allow banks and businesses to work with cannabis businesses without having fear of retaliation or retribution. Essentially this act would allow cannabis businesses to operate like a regular legal business. Watch as Harry and Duane chat about the SAFE Banking Act.

Texas Legislation in Session

Texas Legislature began last month, and are currently focusing on the misinterpretation of the hemp programs bill portion regarding smokables. Currently, Texas law prohibits “the processing or manufacturing of a consumable hemp product for smoking.” With smokable hemp being prohibited to sell, Texas law currently does not criminalize possession of a smokable hemp product by an individual. Thus, many are driving across Texas boarders to buy and bring back into Texas. Watch as Harry and Chuck chat about the current bill and how the legislation is working on amending it.

Go to Market Strategies for the Cannabis Industry

With the cannabis market growing leaps and bounds many MSPs are exploring a go-to-market strategy to enter the cannabis industry. With so many rules, and regulations it is more important than ever to put a plan of action into place that specifies how your company will reach target customers and achieve a competitive advantage. During the recent RSPA community meeting many individuals shared that they are utilizing the pandemic not only to reevaluate their current go to market strategy but also taking time to educate themselves through tradeshows, and research on the ever-changing market. Join Harry and Jim Roddy as they discuss current go to market strategies for the cannabis industry.

Advanced Analytics for Cannabis Retail

Do you want to know more about your customers? Maybe you want to know which department your customer spend the most time in, or which signage display attracts customers attention. FastSensor can assist you to better manage your consumer experience with their advanced AI-powered platform. Join us as John Gunn shares how you can build safer spaces, which is streamlined and tailored to help your business harvest ROI.

Cannabis Marketing Billboard Ban in California

In 2016 Cannabis became legalized for adult use in California. Since then many things have changed in the cannabis industry from packaging, to marketing and more. Last year the California BCC allowed cannabis billboard advertising along its highways, with more than 4,000 miles of California highways currently displaying cannabis billboards. In November a San Luis Obispo County Superior Court judge ruled that the BCC overstepped its authority by allowing billboard advertising. Join Luis Alvarez and Harry as they chat about the ruling.