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Marrying Business Need with Technology

Innovation and rapid growth in the technology industry has swiftly changed how businesses operate over the last couple of decades. Businesses today rely on computers and automation more than ever. With the Covid pandemic still fresh in many people’s minds we have seen companies push employees to rely more heavily on technology. As the market continues to change, reliance on technology becomes more entwined in everyday business. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with Jordan Alcott, Alcott Enterprises to discuss the importance of having the right technology in place at your business.

Enhance your sales through marketing and intelligence

The evolving world of social media, online ordering systems, and business intelligence tools have changed the landscape for many business owners. With these tools businesses can have data at their fingertips to help organizations make smarter data driven decisions to enhance sales, increase customer experiences and more. Harry Brelsford of CannaTech Group sits down with Ed Keating of Cannabiz Media to discuss how to enhance your sales through marketing intelligence.

Community Lead Development to Drive Business

Knowledge is key and providing online content in todays connected world can prove to be a driving force behind your business. As business owners, you know that growing your small business can be a challenge, however, sharing content online can not only drive traffic to your site, but allow you to engage with potential customers by creating a buzz around your brand, and exposing you as a thought leader in the community. Harry Brelsford of the CannaTech Group sits down with John Bachanov of Appspensary to chat about how you can take advantage of your knowledge to generate buzz and potential customers.

Leveraging your data using predictive power of AI

With the promise of increased productivity, reduced operating cost, and growing your business many business owners are looking at leveraging their data using artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics. With its ability to assist with smart-ordering, marketing automation, inventory management, ability to better serve customers, and reduced employee churn, AI has proven that it can help drive profitability for your business. Harry Brelsford of the CannaTech Group sits down with Cathy McCorquodale of MaryJane Menu (a woman-owned tech company developed specifically to help cannabis businesses streamline operations and improve sales) to discuss the importance of your data, and how you can use it to take your business to the next level.

Swing in the Cannabis Industry

It has been an interesting year for the cannabis industry. With many new states coming on board, the vast increase in cost of products, and a recession looming, we have heard that cannabis is an essential industry. Although the cannabis industry may be essential it is not recession or inflation proof, maybe resistant, but not proof. With many people trying to juggle groceries, gas, and other essential bills we have seen a shift in the products that are being sold. Harry Brelsford of the CannaTech Group sits down with Steve Gutterman of Falcon Brands to chat about the swing in the industry and what he has seen.

Election predictions for the cannabis sector

Cannabis legalization goes up for a vote on November 8th for 5 states. Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, and North Dakota citizens will vote on the legalization and sale for adult use, while South Dakota asks whether possession of cannabis should be legal for adults but wouldn’t establish retail sales. If these measures pass it would mean nearly half of Americans would live in states with legalized cannabis for adult use. Harry Brelsford of the CannaTech Group sits down with Paul Seaborn to chat about election predictions for the cannabis sector.

Focusing on Cyber Security

Even if you’re organization is on a large email platform like Google or Office 365, you need to consider additional security as these platforms like many have become targets. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with Dan Foote of DanTech Services, Inc. to chat about the importance of Cyber Security and some new products you should investigate.

Wireless Networks at the Grow Level

Wireless Networks at the Grow Level

The cannabis industry is a huge industry with an estimated global value of 27.7 billion USD and growing daily. With the industry expanding into other industries many cannabis businesses are turning to technology to help drive growth, increase safety and security, as well as streamline processes to increase productivity. Although, many cannabis businesses are turning to technology some are struggling with availability due to location. Many farmers who want to use harvesting technologies are struggling to access Wi-Fi allowing them to use the technologies available. Harry Brelsford of the CannaTech Group sits down with Alex Wilson of Collabsion, Inc. to discuss Wi-Fi networking in remote locations.

Emerging Cannabis Technologies

With the cannabis industry always changing and many thinking ahead to the future the cannabis industry is powering outside-the-box innovation. From digital dispensary menus to payment apps, and more the power of technology in the cannabis industry is endless. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with Gary Strahle a developer at Cannabis Cloud to discuss what he is working on and the power of technology in the cannabis industry.

Future of Hemp in Europe

European hemp cultivation has substantially increased over the last several years and is anticipated to continue to grow with their opened minded government. With conferences expanding, the government looking into economic benefits with hemp and medical cannabis, and Joe Biden kicking out 6700 convictions, the European government is seeking more information on Hemp and medical cannabis. With stigmas being broken down, and an opened minded government MSPs are poised to assist in this rapidly growing market. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Groups sits down with Eric Boone of Meristematix to chat about the Future of Hemp in Europe.

Maximizing your benefits in a Trade Association

It does not matter the industry you are in or what skills you have, trade associations provide tremendous benefits. You can benefit from joining a trade association by meeting new people, associating with likeminded individuals, receiving resources, business advice, and so much more. Although trade associations provide a multitude of benefits many members do not take advantage of these benefits. Harry Brelsford of the CannaTech Group sits down with Jim Roddy of the RSPA to discuss how you can maximize your benefits in a trade association.

Building a Brand through Marketing

The cannabis industry continues to grow at an alarming rate. With new businesses, and products popping up daily it is more important then ever to focus on your brand. From consumer packaging, online marketing, consumer electronic marketing, trade marketing and more your brand messaging plays an integral part in building a brand consumers know. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with Eric Meth of Surfside to discuss brand marketing.