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Increase Security with Facial Recognition

Legalization of cannabis is continuing to grow across North America, Canada, and is slowly making its way worldwide. Although cannabis is legal at many state levels the federal government is yet to jump on board. With legalization and market growth increasing so is the legislation, and compliance regulations. One of the major regulations is focused on cannabis security. With one in two cannabis outlets targeted for theft, and 17% of dispensaries robbed last year, these numbers show why security is so important in the cannabis industry. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group meets with CyberLink at the RSPA Conference to discuss their facial recognition engine for IOT/ALot and what it can bring to cannabis businesses.

Dispensary POS System in the Cannabis Industry

Harry Brelsford meets up with Till Freier of Korona POS at the RSPA Conference to chat about how KORONA fits in the Cannabis Market. Korona is your all in one POS system built with the Cannabis Industry in mind. From integration with traceability systems to cannabis inventory management, online menus and pre-order capability this comprehensive system is here to help your business grow. Watch and learn about the new features Korona is about to release.

Building Reuse in the Cannabis Industry

As the cannabis industry continues to grow the need for cannabis facilities (dispensaries, cultivation facilities, bakeries, and more) has taken a demand on the real estate market. With the need for quicker, more cost effective construction we have seen many cannabis businesses utilize old structures. Although there is a long list of regulations that surround the cannabis industry old building such as bank branches offer dispensaries prime locations with built in security, drive throughs, ample parking and more. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group shares with us a dispensary who has transformed an old bank building into an active dispensary.

The Benefits of Digital Signage

Screens are everywhere. From cars to work, and everywhere in between, people see screens multiple times a day. With the large amount of screen usage around us many advertisers have replaced the traditional methods of advertising, which depends on print media with digital signage solutions. These powerful platforms help get your message across and create a lasting impression on your customers. Not only does digital signage allow you to display multiple content formats including videos, text, photos, animations, social media, live news, and more it also allows you to grab your customers attention, and save time and money in the process. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group chats with us about the importance of digital signage and how it can increase your customer experience.

Wireless Solutions in the Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis Industry is a huge business, with an estimated global value of 20.5 billion USD. With cannabis growing and expanding into other industries many are turning to technology to help drive growth, increase productivity, safety, quality of harvest and so much more. With new smart growing and harvesting technologies many business owners are looking to wireless solutions to help them manage their business. Harry Brelsford of the CannaTech Group sits down with Alex Wilson of Collabsion to discuss dealing with wireless in unique and challenging environments.

The CannaTech Expo Recap

The CannaTech Expo was held June 21-24 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With an amazing speaker line up this conference afforded attendees the opportunity to access valuable information covering the entire cannabis technology spectrum from IT infrastructure to technologies supporting growing, processing, manufacturing, and retail/dispensaries. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with Dan Foote to discuss this first year conference.

Targeting Customers through WiFi

Have you ever thought of using WiFi to engage customers and increase brand awareness? WiFi marketing has become a popular buzz word and is growing amongst small businesses as they connect the power of secure WiFi networks to engage with their customers. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with John Gunn to discuss the competitive advantages of harnessing the power of WiFi to reach your customers.

Worldwide Cannabis Legalization

With more than half of Europeans supporting Cannabis legalization, and Germany coming on board the journey to recreational cannabis legalization is getting closer and closer. Although recreational use is not legal in Europe, the majority of European countries have legalized medical marijuana in recent years. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with Eric Boone who recently moved to Europe and chat about the European Cannabis landscape.

Cannabis Industry is Shifting

The Cannabis Industry has grown dramatically in recent years in response to expanding legalization. Currently there are 37 states and Washington, D.C., who allow medical-use marijuana, and 18 states and D.C. allowing adult recreational use. With many states jumping on board the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act in April which is a proposed act to remove cannabis as a “scheduled” drug under the Controlled Substances Act. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with Luis Alvarez of Alvarez Technology Group to discuss the changes in the Cannabis industry and the knowledge he has gained.

More and more states are legalizing recreational use of cannabis

More and more states are legalizing recreational use of cannabis. On April 21st, recreational use of cannabis was legalized throughout New Jersey, allowing anyone 21 or older to legally purchase marijuana. After taking a backseat to the West Coast, the Northeast (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) are jumping on board with a combined population of 33 million are thought to become the Cannabis capital. Harry Brelsford sits down with Paul Seaborn to discuss which states are coming on board, and what each states rules will be.

4/20 Crashes

April 20th is a famed holiday with the cannabis community , and it is no surprise that this day typically brings huge profits (on average 2.2 times the volume of sales). With such high volumes of sales in the past, many dispensaries have had problems with their technology not being able to keep up with the demand. This has cause system outages throughout the United States. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with Gary Cohen of Cova Software to chat about the upcoming holiday and what Cova has done to prepare.

That’s A Wrap- Benzinga Cannabis Conference

Harry joins The CannaTech Group from the floor of the leading cannabis investment conference, Benzinga to share his recap. The Benzinga Cannabis Conference was a 2 day conference in Miami Florida where Industry leading executives and investors came together to discuss the current state of the industry and what the future may hold. From sessions to networking opportunities, and more this conference is a must attend. Listen to Harry’s full conference recap here.