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Counter Cyclical Surge in the Cannabis Supply Chain

Were back with BlueStar executive Duane Roebuck talks about the surge in activity in the supply chain. He is well-qualified to have this conversation because BlueStar, as a distributor, has visibility in business activity form its partners and resellers. The long lines outside dispensaries is leading to technology implementations to improve and speed up the customer experience.

Texas Hemp Lobbyist

We tracked down a very busy Austinite Chuck Mains at a family compound across the border in Louisiana for a “Hello World” interview. Mains is a long-time fixture at the State Capitol in Austin and for the past few years has developed expertise concerning the Texas hemp industry. You’ll see in the interview that we are just at the start of this new era. And catch the conversation on essential services for the CBD suppliers in Texas!

Why We Made the EARLY Decision – Online Conference

Harry Brelsford shares his reasoning for being one of the first technology conferences to go online as the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic had only reached Seattle. Watch as he shares he put safety first ahead of profits PLUS how he takes his advice from Dr. Bob Herr, his brother-in-law and a Yale-educated emergency room doctor in Seattle. Let’s all keep our first responders top-of-mind…and be safe and clean folks!

Cannabis Cybersecurity Attacks and Hacks

Esteemed analyst Josh Weiss, an MSP in Los Angles, walks us through a recent CNN article “The cannabis industry’s next big threat: Hacks and fraud” HERE ( We key in on the fraud conversation – in particular – investment fraud. Weiss is in a cannabis investor meetup in Southern California. Weiss shares that the recent meetup talked about this topic – for example, this is a new vertical that is attractive to bad actors.

Foote: Remote Work in Alaska

MSP Dan Foote, DanTech Services (Anchorage, Alaska), has expertise in helping his clients pivot to remote work. His firm gained that experience with the large November 2018 earthquake in Southcentral Alaska that impacted several clients. Building on the natural disaster experience, Foote has stayed in front of the coronavirus outbreak by responding quickly and even setting up a special page on Remote Worker Support HERE ( Watch this interview plus catch the part where Foote talks about his travel plans to go to Lower 48 (aka Outside) technology conferences this spring.

Why BlueStar is SUPPORTING the Cannabis Tech Conference

Industry leader Duane Roebuck at BlueStar speaks towards the value he sees in being a supporter of the Cannabis Tech Conference. Roebuck and BlueStar got into the cannabis vertical early and he is often seen at leading cannabis business events. Roebuck wants to meet and greet Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and others in Denver.

Sadler: From Start to $70M via Organic Growth

We’re back with George Sadler, co-founder of Platinum (in Southern California), and we play what’s your story! He’s a humble self-made modest man who has weaved his way into the legal cannabis industry over the past decade as a family business. Hard work, living within your means and overcoming obstacles are all part of this long format interview.

Weiss: Speaker at ANSWERS 20/20 Conference

Josh Weiss at LA Creative Tech talks about his involvement in the Southern California in the cannabis vertical. Weiss talks about, as a Managed Services Provider (MSP), talks about converting his MSP technology massage to landing transactional clients. He’s hired outside marketing help (hint-hint). Weiss is leading with compliance and the technology product stack. Join us at ANSWERS 20/20 in Denver (June 1-2) to hear from Weiss and other expert panelists.

MJBizCon: What is the Story

When I was working the floor at MJBizCon 2019 – I bumped into an Odoo executive who said the magic word: partners. Odoo gets it when it comes to Managed Services Providers (MSP) and wants to help the tide rise for the entire industry. The is a larger than expected global technology company (it plays in other verticals, etc.). Oh – what does Odoo do? It’s a modular business ERP platform helping cannabis companies be more efficient.

MJBizCon – We Grow Every Year!

We speak with an executive at Treez about his emphasis on customer experience. At MJBizCon, Treez is releasing enhancements that go beyond it’s point-of-sale roots. Includes analytics to help the supply chain target and meet customer demand. Spoiler alert – Treez views itself as a data company.

Green Bits: MJBizCon – Another POS player!

Interestingly, MJBizCon 2019 had significantly more technology exhibitors than 2018 so that made my job easy trying to get more insights into the cannabis technology supply chain for Manages Services Providers (MSPs). I literally stumbled upon Green Bits, which I had heard of previously, and got its story