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IoT is the Gateway to Cannabusiness Clients

After lecturing on IoT and Cannabusiness on the big stage at the early May 2019 ChannelPro SMB Forum, we caught up with Luis Alvarez, president of Alvarez Technology Group. Based on Central California, an agricultural hot bed that has diversified to include cannabis growers and producers, Alvarez’s secret to success is IoT. Along the way we discuss the industry landscape including market size, government, politics and much more. Finally – watch towards the end to learn what the golden ticket is!

More than a “Pick and Pack” Technology Distributor – Duane Roebuck Talks Cannabis RFID

Now even wise technology distributors are carving out a place in the cannabis vertical. Long-time technology distributor BlueStar’s Duane Roebuck talks about the decision made over the past couple of years to support the cannabis vertical. And we focus on one specific technology solution (RFID) that is being used across the entire supply chain from grow (tracking plants, etc.) to go (dispensary inventory management, theft prevention, shrinking) and everything in between (compliance reporting to Metric, etc.).

Positively POS for Dispensaries

This cannabusiness vertical is attracting seasoned professionals and solution providers from adjacent communities very quickly. That’s exactly how we met
POS Remarketing Group (POSRG) from Chicago. It has leveraged its long standing POS expertise to drive a new cannabis dispensary POS business unit. In this interview with Jim Remke, we discover that POSRG has entered the cannabis field with a Total Life Cycle approach. More importantly, it’s open and receptive to working with Managed Services Providers (MSPs) allowing all parties to do what they do best.

Weiss: MSP Discovery Mode

A real go-getter with time on his side, we welcome California managed services provider (MSP) Josh Weiss to the 420MSP community. He was one of the first book buyers (thank you) and was already engaged in carving out a professional niche in the cannabis vertical. He’s very serious about this undertaking. For example – Weiss and his partner (based in Northern California) have had a display table at the Los Angeles cannabis business investment meetup and he recently delivered a security speech at the gathering. In this interview – after we do a “Hello World” introduction, Weiss layouts a geographic strategy plus he talks about targeting well-healed clients in the early stages of the supply chain, not just the dispensaries.

Service Provider Primer: Dope CFO

Andrew Hunzicker, founder of Dope CFO, is a 25-year CPA, started serving cannabis clients and quickly realized there was a gap in GAAP when it came to the cannabis sector. The big accounting firms weren’t involved and therein was the opportunity for Dope CFO.

Most importantly – the Bend, OR-based endeavor provides training to accountants and bookkeepers seeking to serve the cannabis industry. This directly mirrors the same type of content and community work we are doing at 420MSP to help you become a service provider as well.

Original Book Announcement!

Author Harry Brelsford proudly announces his 21st book at the recent SxSW conference in Austin, TX. This book is about two topics. (1) How to be a great MSP and (2) how to focus on the CBD vertical.

START HERE: How to Be an MSP book details!

This is the first video you should watch to discover the deep details of the new book from Harry Brelsford. In addition to best practices on perfecting your MSP business model, the book focuses on the hottest vertical market in North America – CBD businesses and the cannabis industry. Please “START HERE” and thank you for your support!