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Track and Traceability with Labels

Although great businesses are built on great products, technology has increasingly become one of the underlying drivers of success. From inventory management and labeling to point of sales and accounting systems the efficacy of the solutions can either make or break your business. Finding the right tools not only can help you save time and increase efficiency within your business, but also keep you in compliance. With a wide variety of options and solutions the key is finding the “right” solution for your needs. In the last few years, there have been rapid advances and changes in the Cannabis industry making meeting the stringent compliance rules and regulations a challenge.


Do we rely too heavily on Technology in our Business?

In today’s fast paced work environment technology plays a major role in our lives, and most of us may find it hard to remember a time when phones, computers, tablets, and other devices weren’t a part of it. While technology certainly makes life easier and more convenient especially for many retailers, it also has put a hinderance on life when it goes out, and or is unavailable. We rely on these line of business applications so deeply that when they have problems, like a little bit of over usage on the national cannabis holiday of 420 that we do not know what to do when we can’t use it.

Topic of Legalization has Become Generally Popular

The topics of legalization of cannabis has become generally popular across all demographics, political parties, and rural and urban areas across the US. Although, popularity is not enough to get a legislation and or governor to push the legalization it is helping in many states including New York, Virginia and New Mexico. With these three states passing legislation this year (bringing the total state where recreational consumption became legal to 17), and the House of Representatives passing a bill to allow banks to conduct business with Cannabis related companies in states where marijuana is legal, the legalization of marijuana support is at an all time high.


Tails from the Trenches

The cannabis industry is moving at a quick pace, from states onboarding, to regulations changing and everything in between. The entire vertical is continually evolving and changing. With all of these changes, MSPs face challenges and curveballs daily. These curveballs are due to dealing with different sates, a lot of different compliance issues, different schedules, and of course different standard.
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Continuing Education

Continuing education is one of the best investments you can make in your future. By furthering your knowledge base, skills, and techniques you can open up a new world of opportunities, from higher paying jobs, to new job titles and just staying relevant in this fast paced industry. Although, the idea of returning to a classroom to continue your education may not be on your list of things to do, there are other ways to pursue knowledge.

Customer Retention

Managing customer retention is an important part of not only growing but sustaining your business. Not only do repeat customers bring in sales but they also help you understand how satisfied your customers are, and if there are any red flags with your business. Growing your relationships with customers and marketing to their specific needs, can help your business flourish.


Cannabis Business Risks and How to Prevent Them

The cannabis industry is growing at an unprecedented speed. With the continued growth and profit coming out of legal cannabis, coupled with the ever changing regulation it is becoming increasingly hard for business to avoid risk exposures. From staying in compliance with your license and banking regulations, to safe keeping product and customer data there are so many risks cannabis businesses face. We meet up with Drew Taylor of Alpharoot to chat about Cannabis Insurance and how it can be tailored to your unique needs.


Cannabis Software Advantages

Is your business growing like crazy? Do you feel overwhelmed with keeping track of everything? It may be time to implement an ERP system to help you improve productivity, increase efficiencies, and streamline processes. The 420MSP takes a moment to chat with Quantumleaf who provides an all-in-one cannabis business management platform that completely removes the need for multiple software platforms and spreadsheets.


Cash Management for Dispensaries

Every organizations from large enterprises to small businesses has its own specific needs in the workplace. Although, many businesses require different things to continue to operate, one thing is the same for all organizations, income. Did you know that poor cash management is the number one leading cause of business failure? We speak with Vik from CIMA who helps cannabis dispensaries reduce time, and increase security when it comes to managing cash. CIMA’s solutions remove almost all the manual tasks associated with cash handling, so your staff can spend more time in the store with your customers.


Luis Alvarez named leading MSP in cannabis technology

Luis Alvarez was named the leading MSP in cannatech in the May issue of Marijuana Venture Magazine. Not only does Luis portray the domain expertise but he has commitment to the industry to go with it. With his commitment and goal driven team he has been able to successfully enter and stay up to date with this extremely fast moving industry.


Cannabis Big Data

With the cannabis industry evolving quickly, some business owners are struggling to keep up with regulations and data. Did you know that the cannabis industry is the first industry ever where data collection is mandated? Even though data collection is mandatory many businesses are not taking advantage of this data, and instead are doing only what they are required to by law. Little secret…. The data many cannabis businesses are required to obtain is a very powerful tool that can be used to answer questions within their business, grow their business, increase profits and improve efficiency. Join Henry Finkelstein from Cannabis Big Data has he goes over the importance of data and how you can use it to elevate your business.

Texas Legislation

Texas legislation has about 7 weeks left in it session, and is moving quickly to get all bills heard. These next few weeks are pretty critical if you’re going to get a bill out of committee because as it gets out of committee it goes to the floor and then goes to the chamber in the same process. So these next couple weeks are important to get all bills heard. There a couple critical bills being heard from the hemp cleanup bill, to expanding the use for cannabis as well as allowing universities to do research studies.