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Instagram plans on pushing video content

In the last year the ecommerce industry has shown record highs. Although this industry is booming, simply having an online store does not mean you will automatically generate sales. You need a marketing plan to acquire customers, and more importantly drive interest. One platform that has a proven track record to drive sales is Instagram. With the rise in online use for both personal and entertainment Instagram has taken a look in the mirror and decided to moving away from its image sharing rooms and pushing video content.

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Payment Options for Small Businesses

There are so many things small businesses have to worry about and money going in and out should not be one of them. Some people say cash is king, while others swear by credit cards and analytics to stay on top of their business. Still many ask what is the right method to go with? Ultimately the best solution may be different depending on your size, transactions, and who is handling the money.

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Banking in Cannabis

The cannabis industry is prospering and growing each day. Although, the cannabis industry is growing and evolving into a booming industry like many others it still faces many challenges with financial services. As of June 2020 there were only 695 banks and or credit unions servicing marijuana- related business according to Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Not only are many cannabis companies facing challenges with financial institutes they are also facing challenges with cannabis being a cashed based business.

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Protecting your Assets

Cannabis security is an important part of developing a comprehensive safe business. No mater what part of cannabis you are in from the grower, transportation, or a dispensary, protecting your assets, employees and customers should be top of mind.
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Conferences Vs. Happy Hour & Meet Ups

Networking is extremely important in business. Whether you are breaking into a new industry or a long term member, relationships and networking have proven to be invaluable. There are many different ways to build relationships with in the industry from meetups and happy hours, to conferences. Although, these events are quite different they share some of the key networking aspects many business leaders are looking for.

Importance of Having a POS System

With technology moving so quickly, it is important to make sure your customers businesses have the right technology pieces in place. A Point of Sales system or POS is one of the most critical pieces in the operational puzzle. This system provides retailers a all-in-one solution to a multitude of everyday issues.

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How to stay informed in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis business is booming and with over half of the United States already legalizing cannabis in some form, it is hard to stay in the know. Between confusing laws and regulations, to steep taxes, and many other hoops to jump through many people do not event know where to start.

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How Data can help you Drive Growth in your Business

Every Business, is looking for that secret sauce to grow their business. Little do many know converting their business data into true analytics can help them see their business in a much, much deeper way. This data can be sliced and diced, and sorted to give you the best opportunity to learn, understand and apply a data driven approach to your day in day out operational decision making. It has been shown that using big data can be critical for many companies to outperform their competitors.

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Technology Shortages

With temporary factory shutdowns due to the pandemic, many technology manufacturers are struggling to get the parts they need to make their products. Many of these parts are not only used for computer technology, but are used in cars, home appliances and even toothbrushes. With the continued demand from both consumers and manufactures many wonder when supply will catch up with demand.

Using Relationships and Experiences to Scale your Business

Fostering good customer relationships is especially important for small businesses with limited resources, as customers are the lifeline to business. Building a positive customer relationship should be your top priority, as customers with fantastic customer experiences can be expected to become repeat customers.

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Forward Growth in Illinois

In July, Illinois held the first of three lotteries for new recreational Marijuana dispensary licenses in 2021. This lottery comes more than a year after it was suppose to award new dispensary licenses, after being held up by covid, and litigation. Out of the 589 applicants 55 winners were chosen. Although these winners have there license it is undetermined when they can start operating.

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Employee On boarding, Retention and Building a Culture

There is no doubt that employees can make or break a company. In this ever changing business world employee knowledge, customer service, and skills are what set you apart from your competitors. Successful companies know the value of their staff. They know that employees are an essential factor in their success, and thus work hard to seek good people, and give them the resources they need. One of the most important assets you can give your employees is a good foundation.

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