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Weiss: Publish or Perish in the Cannabis Sector

SoCal-based Josh Weiss is back to talk about good news. He is flying fast and furious to build his cannabis technology business. Weiss has participated in a interview with NUGL and intends to write more technology pieces for the publisher.

James: Report from Seattle With The Pandemic and Seniors

Back in like Flynn with Dennis James from Seattle and we’re talking cannabis in the senior community. We’re talking dispensary sales surging in the pandemic. James shares what is was like to be in the “epicenter” in the COVID-19 crisis and hit one senior home super hard. Sales are up lending credence to our beliefs that cannabis is benefiting from hoarding inspired sales plus its counter-cyclical.

Roddy: Retail Solution Providers Target Cannabis

Jim Roddy from the RSPA checks in with us and expresses “lots of interest” in the cannabis sub-vertical (adult use, CBD). He recently produced a podcast that included one of our other analysts (Duane Roebuck from BlueStar). The podcast was a roundtable that present different angles including distribution, financial services and a reseller from New Hampshire.

Remke: State of Illinois Updates – Awarding Licenses and Consumption Lounges

We’ve got Jim Remke from POSRG in Chicago back to talk about the State of Illinois going adult use legal in 2020. His updates include that May 1st the dispensary license award winners will be announced (around 75-licenses) and then there will be a several month period to launch. That’s a greenfield opportunity. And catch his talk about a public consumption lounge in Springfield, IL.

Haskelson: Pandemic will Impact Regulatory Matters

We’re back with Mark Haskelson – our New York-based analyst – who is well know for compliancy. I lob a firestarter over the fence concerning upcoming statuary matters such as deadlines in the State of Illinois. Haskelson shares the trends he is tracking with state-level licensing (the regulatory cadence). He *was* hopeful that we’d see change in the financial structure of the cannabis industry in 2020 but with the pandemic front and center, such changes will likely be delayed.

Schwank: Cannabis Supply Chain Observations

Blake Schwank expands our thinking about the cannabis supply chain to include ancillary business such as accounting and law firms. We then move on to discuss the application layer of technology in the cannabis industry. Schwank is seeing that the seed-to-sale program are could-based (mainly because the industry was born in the cloud.

420MSP Posse Launch Party and 1st Anniversary Happy Hour – Online

We’re serious about cannabis technology and you should be too! Join this initial meet-and-greet as we build an exciting cannabis technology community of a wide range of stakeholders including everyone on the seed-to-sale cannabis technology supply chain: Businesses, Owners, Decision Makers, IT Pros and Managed Services Providers. We’re all in this together and we are better when we share knowledge. Plus this is FUN!

PS – we are also toasting to the first anniversary of my startup 420MSP that is laser focused on the cannabis technology supply chain!

Counter Cyclical Surge in the Cannabis Supply Chain

Were back with BlueStar executive Duane Roebuck talks about the surge in activity in the supply chain. He is well-qualified to have this conversation because BlueStar, as a distributor, has visibility in business activity form its partners and resellers. The long lines outside dispensaries is leading to technology implementations to improve and speed up the customer experience.

Texas Hemp Lobbyist

We tracked down a very busy Austinite Chuck Mains at a family compound across the border in Louisiana for a “Hello World” interview. Mains is a long-time fixture at the State Capitol in Austin and for the past few years has developed expertise concerning the Texas hemp industry. You’ll see in the interview that we are just at the start of this new era. And catch the conversation on essential services for the CBD suppliers in Texas!

Why We Made the EARLY Decision – Online Conference

Harry Brelsford shares his reasoning for being one of the first technology conferences to go online as the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic had only reached Seattle. Watch as he shares he put safety first ahead of profits PLUS how he takes his advice from Dr. Bob Herr, his brother-in-law and a Yale-educated emergency room doctor in Seattle. Let’s all keep our first responders top-of-mind…and be safe and clean folks!

Cannabis Cybersecurity Attacks and Hacks

Esteemed analyst Josh Weiss, an MSP in Los Angles, walks us through a recent CNN article “The cannabis industry’s next big threat: Hacks and fraud” HERE ( We key in on the fraud conversation – in particular – investment fraud. Weiss is in a cannabis investor meetup in Southern California. Weiss shares that the recent meetup talked about this topic – for example, this is a new vertical that is attractive to bad actors.

Foote: Remote Work in Alaska

MSP Dan Foote, DanTech Services (Anchorage, Alaska), has expertise in helping his clients pivot to remote work. His firm gained that experience with the large November 2018 earthquake in Southcentral Alaska that impacted several clients. Building on the natural disaster experience, Foote has stayed in front of the coronavirus outbreak by responding quickly and even setting up a special page on Remote Worker Support HERE ( Watch this interview plus catch the part where Foote talks about his travel plans to go to Lower 48 (aka Outside) technology conferences this spring.