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Credit Payments Solution in the Cannabis Industry

Due to federal restrictions the federal government has prohibited banks from servicing the cannabis industry, thus making the cannabis industry primarily a cash based business. With banking providers in short supply, cannabis businesses are struggling to maintain the same financial services as other industries. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with Katherine Corby to chat about the cannabis industry’s first digital credit and loyalty-enabled payments solution.

Future of Cannabis In Texas

Harry Brelsford of the CannaTech Group sits down with Chuck Mains a Texas Government Affairs Consultant and Lobbyist to discuss the special sessions, hemp legalization, last session bill status and more.

Cannabis Automation

Cannabis cultivators are looking to technology to help automate, cut cost, and grow their cannabis business. Despite the legal barriers in the US the cannabis industry is growing at extraordinary rates, and are expected to continue to see growth in the future. With the industry growing, and customer demands raising, companies are looking to automation to be able to scale their business.

Advanced Cannabis Certification

The cannabis industry is booming and it is no secret. With the industry booming and new jobs coming on board every day how are business owners, and employees setting themselves apart? The cannabis industry requires a unique knowledge set and investing the time and money into educating yourself through certifications can make the difference of running a profitable business, and or landing a job and turning it into a long termcareer.

Cannabis Industry: Entry to Exit

Entering the cannabis industry is hard enough, but building long term success in a continually changing, fast pass market, is even tougher. Having a plan, being able to pivot, making sure the correct people are in the in the right seats, and so much more is just the start to building success. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with Lilach Mazor Power of the Mazor Collective to discuss keys to long term success in Cannabis.

Intersection of Cannabis and Technology

The world is dependent on technology, which has been made more evident over the past two years. From business use, to communication and everything in between technology plays a critical role. The cannabis industry is no different. The use of technology in the cannabis industry has become second nature from sales and ecommerce, to robotic plant trimming, and extraction technology for medica use, technology is evolving every day to help the cannabis industry continue to boom.

Cannabis Metrics- Measuring Success

All businesses no matter the industry, strive to build a better business through looking towards the future, as well as monitoring current data and establishing a baseline for business. Knowing what to watch for , and how to take action with the data can be the hardest part for some businesses. Key performance indicators (KPI’s) are the backbone of data which help to measure success and provide the insights needed to make strategic decisions. Cannabis companies (actually any company) should implement KPI’s to ensure they are making strategic business decisions to help them grow and cut unnecessary costs.

Brand Awareness- Building Street Cred

If people do not know recognize your brand or know who you are, how can they buy your product? Brand awareness is one of the most important aspects of growing your business. If you are looking to recapture lost leads, increase customer loyalty, and or grow your business, increasing your brand awareness is key. Brand Awareness refers to the recognition of your brand by potential customers for providing a particular product or service.

Measure What Matters

Data is the core of many modern businesses. From making business decisions to promote growth and profitability to developing sales and customer service strategies data has become integrated into empowering businesses. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with Eric Meth to discuss data, branding, customer experience and more.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token or a glorified jpg, depending on who you ask. At a basic level, an NFT is a digital asset. These NFTs link ownership to unique physical or digital items, such as works of art, real estate, music, or videos, and are sold over the internet like collectables for millions. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Groups sits down with Kat Zommers to get a better understanding of NFT’s. Read More

Building Vendor Relationships

Building strategic relationships with vendors is crucial to your success as an MSP. Although, each business relationship is unique and comes with its challenges, having a strong vendor relationship can assist you in building mutual success, help when you are in a pinch, and deliver competitive advantages. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Groups sits down with Dan Foote to discuss vendor relationships.

The Cannabis Industry is Here to Stay

Despite the global pandemic, a lacking supply chain, and inflation on the rise, the cannabis industry is growing. Over the past year the cannabis industry has increased by 41% and is expected to reach almost $31 billion by the end of the year. This growth should not come as a surprise as many states in the US have some form of legal cannabis. With the demand for cannabis and the expectation of expansion into several markets, is this your opportunity to launch into the space?