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Amazon Supports Cannabis

In early June Amazon made a twofold announcement concerning cannabis. First they are no longer going to test or have any concern about marijuana, in terms of their employees, and they want to be part of lobbying and pushing for federal legalization. This move by one of the U.S’s largest employers is a major will for cannabis reform.

Cannabis Business Insurance

The US cannabis industry is booming, and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. As new states enter the market, the incredible success for business soars, and the unpredictability of the industry it can be hard to find insurance providers not only who know the industry, but also who understand your business’s needs. The great news is that in q2 and q3 we saw an increase in insurance carriers who are able to underwrite in the cannabis industry.

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Importance of Data

The cannabis industry is growing at high speeds. With new states onboarding, and new stores popping up, up to date data, metrics and facts can put you ahead of your competitors. By relying on hard data rather than guesswork it enables you to make smarter decision towards higher profits, better customer service, and over all satisfaction.

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Meet Randy Roe

Randy is a longtime friend in the technology industry. Randy has worked in technology for years and enjoys leveraging all types of technology to help retail businesses grow their profits and obtain other desired business outcomes. Although, he works on all aspects of technology he has spent most of his time on retail point of sale software applications, mastering the features and consulting retailers on how to deploy and utilize the software and related tools successfully. With his experience in technology he has enjoyed taking the next steps in helping cannabis retailers to know where to start and or what to do next.

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Cannabis Industry Consolidation

The cannabis industry continues to flourish each year, with no two years being the same. Each year we see new states onboard cannabis, rules and regulations changing, and players in the industry raising capital, merging, and changing business models to accommodate industry trends. With this rapidly changing industry we have seen a number of deals conducted in late 2020 (Tilray and Aphria and then also Truly and Harvest Health), and many expect to see more acquisitions in 2021 as more states legalize adult use.

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Join Dan and Harry at Retail Now

RetailNow is a 4 day event being held from 25th July to 28th 2021 at the Gaylord Opryland Events Center in Nashville, by the RSPA. The RSPA is North America’s largest community of VARs, software developers, vendors, and distributors in the retail, restaurant, grocery, and cannabis verticals.

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Texas Medical Marijuana

With the Texas Legislation session wrapping up we look at some of the changes that were made regarding cannabis and hemp. Their was a modest expansion of the Texas Medical Marijuana program that expanded the use of the program to people with cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder. Although this bill passed, it fell short of what many advocated for. Along with this bill Texas Senate has approved House-passed bills to reduce criminal penalties for possessing marijuana concentrates.

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Economic Recovery

The world came to a sudden stop with the Covid-19 pandemic. With many businesses (nonessential) closing its doors, thousands of small businesses were fighting to stay alive. After a year of being shut down, we are starting to see the benefits of reopening. Many businesses who had deferred projects and purchasing during the pandemic are getting back into the office, and they’re spending money.

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Compliance and Labeling

While cannabis is still considered a controlled substance at the federal level, more and more states are legalizing the use of Cannabis. With new states onboarding the use of Cannabis the cannabis industry is rapidly transforming into are regular business. Although the cannabis industry is becoming more mainstream the government still has strict regulations and requirements businesses must abide by. From sourcing and labeling to tracking and traceability the government has a strict set of guidelines that without your compliance you will be shut down.

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Social Media: TikTok or Clubhouse?

With a captive audience of users forced to stay home during the pandemic, many brands turned to social media to help spread the word about their products. With a wide variety of platforms that draw different audiences, and have different uses many wonder where to invest their energy and marketing dollars.

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Introducing POSaBIT

POSaBIT provides a complete payment solution for any and all cannabis retailers and dispensaries. With an innovative point-of-sale and a host of cannabis payment options they provide a one stop solution to run your cannabis shot.
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