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Cannabis Compliance

Businesses today handle large amounts of data, from customer data including payment information, to business and manufacturing data. Holding this much data places a huge responsibility on businesses. With much of the data stored being sensitive, and cyberattacks on the rise, government agencies have placed rules/regulations and best practices on businesses. Although, regulations vary from industry to industry compliance regulations are typically similar and play an enormous role in keeping your data safe.

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End of Conference Report from MJBizCon

Harry joins us live from MJBizcon where here gives an end of the show report, followed by some key takeaways and why you should start planning for next year.
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Importance of Video Surveillance

For many small and medium businesses every penny counts, and a loss in inventory can have a big impact. With this said, high quality security should be top of your list. Gone are the days of the grainy surveillance systems that operated on analog technology. Today digital video surveillance in the cloud can help not only manage multiple locations but also help keep your data secure during fires, floods, robberies or whatever happens to the cameras/building in question.

A Deep Dive into Meristematix

As your next generation data analytics management partner, Meristematix can provide your business with PREDICTIVE and PRESCRIPTIVE level output. These outputs can provide your management with tools that can accurately predict future demand based on past trends, and then provide suggestions ranging from pricing to supply-chain optimization.
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Blue Star distributing held its annual* VARTECH conference in Orlando, October 4th and 5th. Industry leaders from Point of Sale, Data Collection, warehousing, retail and the cannabis industry gathered for this educational conference.
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Taking your Business to the next Level through Tracking

As someone who has worked with small businesses for years I have learned some of the best and worst habits that small business owners make. While all small businesses are unique from the products they sell to how they operate there is one thing that is important in all small businesses, tracking. In any business you can never have too much data. In today’s world gathering data can help you not only better understand your customers spending habits, how often they visit your website, or where they are from. Gathering this data can help in what items to carry, how to market to different groups and more.

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Cash or Credit?

All businesses have competitors? Do you know who your competitors are and what they are offering customers? Many businesses are offering customers credit terms such as net 45. Although, it would be nice to make all sales on a cash basis it is not always possible.

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What is new with ECommerce

When starting an online presence for your business one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is choosing an ecommerce platform. As many of you know not all ecommerce platforms are alike. Some focus on small businesses where as others are geared toward larger enterprises. Some have lots of bells and whistles, while others offer a free platform to start off. There are so many things to take into account. We meet with Bryan Lopez who is working on releasing a new ecommerce platform that seamlessly integrates all the functions with a POS out to an e commerce platform, giving you the ability to customize your storefronts. With the new platform they are excited to bring a customized experience with colors logo, and have the ability for dispensary’s to push out their promotions, their loyalty program and so much more.

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Win Customers through Education

In today’s multi-screen world getting your product in front of consumers may be easy but is it impactful? As many of you know winning customers isn’t easy, but did you know that customers are more likely to buy from a brand who provides educational content. Educational content about your product that is truly relevant and useful to your customer can not only educate them, but can also help them solve problems and persuade them to purchase your product.

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Receiving Information Through Screens

The interactivity with information is becoming ever more prevalent, with the average American spending 44 years of their life staring at a screen. With screens providing information at our finger tips we as a society have trained ourselves over the last 10 plus years that this is the way we’re meant to interact and receive information. With the pandemic speeding this up, many are looking to bring the digital interactions into their store fronts to make our experiences seamless.
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From Watches to Cannabis

Seiko best known for its watches has really diversified over the years. From its original business of watches to a powerhouse in the microcomputer space (components, electronic components) and now thermal print division the company’s manufacturing side has evolved. With the evolution of the company it has decided to dive head first into the cannabis industry helping multiple ISVs and VARs with a brand new revenue stream.
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On Location with Dan Foote

Dan Foote takes Harry on a field trip to a local cultivator, retailer, and lab in Alaska. They explore the processes, procedures, and technology. Join Harry and Dan as they take you through the technologies including security, and the processes of entering this business.
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