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Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group announces that starting in Q1 2022 he started writing for Global Cannabis Times in their technology column.  On this first podcast Harry walks us through the tech spotlight column he wrote on video solutions in the cannabis space.  Join Harry as he discusses the video solutions landscape, compliance 101 and how it varies state to state.

Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford 

Hello, and welcome to the Canna tech podcast. My name is Harry Brelsford with the Canna tech group. I’m pleased to announce starting in q1 of 2022, I started writing for the global cannabis Times magazine backed by a super Lawler and smart, smart works medium. My column is a technology column and I want to use this podcast to walk you through the first one and then I’ll have a series of podcasts where I walk you through each of the columns that I do. So let’s just jump right into it. So the first column that I did, again, q1 2022, for tech spotlight was on video solutions in the cannabis space. And basically, I love the title that Damon the editor gave it with rollfilm there’s a couple of different directions I went first of all, we kind of define what is the video solution landscape, and I call that compliance 101. And we use three different states to make our example because the video requirements coming underneath the auspices of compliance, cannabis compliance varies by states. Okay. So for example, in the state of California, I’m just reading the state requires 24 hour continuous filming, in the minimum of 90 days of on site on site storage with no cloud allowed. Think about it. If you’re doing seven by 24 at 720 p for the video recording and this, these are a lot of cameras, they basically have to record a I call it a census not a sample, they have to record every space where there’s flour and people touching flour and that kind of thing. So you have to hold that for a lengthy period of time, 90 days in the state of California. So that’s not going to make cloud storage possible, right just not in the cards to consider having Azure or AWS store your video for compliance reasons. Another dimension is security 101. Security, it comes in a couple of different forms. One is good old video surveillance in almost any business for security purposes. So you can see the bad guy film the bad guy and catch the bad guy. The other would be shrinkage. So security for the owners of the cannabis entity, and they’re not getting ripped off by their employees. And the third, which I’m gonna go into in a minute, is AI based security. In fact, let’s just jump right into that. We’re looking here at Deep Sentinel. And what deep Sentinel does is it uses AI technology. So there’s the camera in the upper right of the page uses AI technology to keep an eye on, say a parking lot. And at two in the morning, it can make a distinction whether it’s a deer running through the parking lot or a bad guy. And if it’s a bad guy, there is a lifeguard viewing the cameras When notified to so they’re alerted to let go, you know, look at this camera. And the lifeguard can talk over the speaker to the bad guy and say get away. He can call the police and they found this to be highly effective in lowering it Have your security cost right what do you think a seven by 24 security guard cost? If you could at least if you could even get rid of one of those and get that down to fewer paid security guards using automation, like deep Sentinel, then of course you save money. So down in the the blog is a link where you can go get this article, and also learn more about the global cannabis times and subscribe to them. So Harry Brelsford the Canada tech group, thank you for listening