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Colorado Weather Effects Crops

Early freeze in Colorado causes many to scramble to keep crops alive. With climate changes being a serious contribution to the imposing threats on crops cannabis growers are looking at loosing thousands with the quick freeze Colorado just experiences. Although, many tend to criticize the cultivation process of the cannabis industry, technological advancements have continued to aid in the reduction of loss in the industry. Many growers in Colorado have switched to indoor/outdoors grows depending on the time of year. Watch as Harry and Blake chat about climate and its effect on the Cannabis Industry.

Welcome Luis Alvarez

Luis Alvarez has joined 420MSP as a monthly analyst. Welcome Luis as he introduces himself, his company (Alvarez Technology Group) and how he has engaged in the cannabis industry through his technology company. With Luis mainly focused on agriculture the Cannabis industry has become a great fit for he and his team. Watch and learn more about Luis and how he has grown his company to focus on IoT in and around agriculture.

Customized Cannabis Training

After going to school for most of your life, you may think that your education stops after you get that fancy piece of paper. However, soon after you leave college and start a job you learn that school is just the beginning. From learning new tools, to staying relevant in your industry, it is essential to everyone, in any career, to continue their education. Maintaining and learning new things is truly the key to success. A perfect example of the importance of ongoing education is in the ever changing cannabis industry. From month to month and sometimes week to week the industry is changing in many ways from labeling to compliance. These changes have created a demand for educated professionals who are invested in this thriving industry. Harry and Marc explore the wild world of the Cannabis Training Industry and how you can easily educate yourself.

Elections and the History of Cannabis

We are within 60 days of the presidential elections and there is no doubt that cannabis will play a major role in the 2020 elections. As history has shown many of the biggest milestones in cannabis have come out of elections, from Colorado and Washington becoming the first states to legalize adult use in 2012, to many more states joining in the most recent presidential elections. Although, the presidential elections play a huge role in the legalization, this year state elections are going to play a much larger role than the federal elections. With many states currently looking at adult and medical use (Montana, South Dakota, Arizona, and New Jersey) state elections play a huge role. Watch as Harry and Paul explore the political effects on the cannabis industry, as well as upcoming initiatives, and what is coming next.

Black Market Cannabis

The legalization of Cannabis is not only sweeping across the United States but also into a lot of countries who are legalizing cannabis nationwide. With the legalization of medical cannabis in 33 states plus the District of Columbia and recreational weed in 10 states plus the District of Columbia it’s safe to say the cannabis industry is booming. Although, the legal cannabis industry is booming so is the illegal or black market. More and more states from California to Oregon and Texas are reporting illegal marijuana on the rise. With numbers of illegal operation out numbering legal operations. Currently, California’s black market for cannabis is more profitable than its legal one. To many people cannabis is cannabis and instead of dealing with the hassle of finding a legal dispensary and paying exorbitant fees many people are opting to continue participating in the black market, which is more convenient, and more affordable. Watch as Harry and Josh talk about the effects of the Black Market.

Cannabis Supply Chain

With the recent growth of the cannabis industry and hundreds of new businesses popping up each year, from growers and producers, to retail, ancillary and technology companies, supply chain management has become increasingly complex. While technology companies have been instrumental in the growth and implementation of technologies to help the supply chain, there are still so many avenues of the process that could use improvement. The supply chain is made up of five stages. The first stage is cultivation of the plant. This is followed by extraction of cannabinoids. From there, the next stage is testing. Distribution and retail are the fourth and last stages. The supply chain itself may sound simple, but it actually can be quite complex. With each stage having its own interworking and needs, the supply chain for each stage is endless. Watch as Harry and Joe explore supply chain management within the Cannabis Industry.