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Swing in the Cannabis Industry

It has been an interesting year for the cannabis industry. With many new states coming on board, the vast increase in cost of products, and a recession looming, we have heard that cannabis is an essential industry. Although the cannabis industry may be essential it is not recession or inflation proof, maybe resistant, but not proof. With many people trying to juggle groceries, gas, and other essential bills we have seen a shift in the products that are being sold. Harry Brelsford of the CannaTech Group sits down with Steve Gutterman of Falcon Brands to chat about the swing in the industry and what he has seen.

Maximizing your benefits in a Trade Association

It does not matter the industry you are in or what skills you have, trade associations provide tremendous benefits. You can benefit from joining a trade association by meeting new people, associating with likeminded individuals, receiving resources, business advice, and so much more. Although trade associations provide a multitude of benefits many members do not take advantage of these benefits. Harry Brelsford of the CannaTech Group sits down with Jim Roddy of the RSPA to discuss how you can maximize your benefits in a trade association.

State of Economy with Respect to Cannabis

Going into the 3rd year of the pandemic, record inflation and an uncertain outcome of where we are going many wonder how the cannabis industry will be effected. Harry Brelsford of the CannaTech Group meets up with Mitch Pfeifer of Respect My Region to discuss the State of the Economy with Respect to Cannabis. During this interview Harry and Mitch chat about how the cannabis industry is not immune from market forces, free market corrections, and other factors effecting the Cannabis industry.

Payment Options in the Cannabis Industry

The surge of states legalizing cannabis continues to gain momentum as more states realize the significant economic impacts of legal cannabis. Although many states are legalizing cannabis the federal government has not moved on the issue, and marijuana remains a Schedule 1 drug under the Federal Controlled Substance Act. Leaving many cannabis businesses with roadblocks when it comes to payment options. In the age of PayPal, credit cards, apple pay, and more many cannabis businesses are cash only. Harry Brelsford of the CannaTech Group meets with Vik Devjee of CIMA to chat about the current landscape of available cannabis payment options.

The benefits of Touchscreens in Cannabis

The Cannabis industry has provided a rare opportunity for Cannatech providers. With a growth trajectory of 26.7% CAGR through 2028 this opportunity has allowed providers to build solutions from software, to hardware, infrastructure, and more. Although some providers are attempting to integrate products already built those who truly understand the industries needs are building from the ground up. Harry Brelsford meets with Bill Nulf and Tyler Wells to explore the use of touchscreen interfaces in the Cannabis Industry.

Worldwide Cannabis Legalization

With more than half of Europeans supporting Cannabis legalization, and Germany coming on board the journey to recreational cannabis legalization is getting closer and closer. Although recreational use is not legal in Europe, the majority of European countries have legalized medical marijuana in recent years. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with Eric Boone who recently moved to Europe and chat about the European Cannabis landscape.