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Cannabis Essential Business

With the pandemic all around us businesses are trying to figure out how to adjust to the current conditions. Although, the Cannabis Industry has been deemed essential they are trying to figure out how to scale within regulations for both the pandemic and their state regulations. Many are trying to automate their business to have kiosk solutions, update operational efficiency and RFID so when the second and or third wave hits us they are prepared to move forward in these ever changing times. Watch as Duane and Harry chat not only about the Cannabis industry but businesses as a whole in these ever changing times.

Marijuana big Momentum

Dennis James with MediCannaCare joins Harry Brelsford during this pandemic to explore the momentum cannabis is having even during the pandemic. With the cannabis industry being tagged essential they have continued to accelerate their growth in healthcare, senior usage, and being a staple in life. Watch as Dennis and Harry explore the essential tag cannabis received during the pandemic.

State of Illinois Update

Jim Remke joins 420MSP to update us on the State of Illinois regarding the regulatory and compliance state of view. Back in late April the State of Illinois pushed the announcement of license winners indefinitely due to the pandemic. Fast forward to today and they have stated they will start announcing winners in July followed by tie breakers potentially in late August.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on the 420MSP Cannabis Tech Conference

Dan Foote shares his experience at the 420MSP Cannabis Tech Conference. He says the conference was great fun, and he learned a lot from other partners in regards to how they are handling the magnitude of the business and grow facilities they are supporting. Dan encourages people to attend conferences, and if you missed it be sure to watch the replay at