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New York Recently Passed Legislation

New York recently passed legislation legalizing recreational marijuana use, which is a huge win for the tri state area, especially after New Jersey’s win in November. With the legalization in New York creating huge opportunities for not only small businesses, but entrepreneurs who are already starting to create the infrastructure, but now they have the backing of the government. Kat shares with us the she has personally “met contacts in the New York area, who are looking to bring the sophistication of the West Coast cannabis industry really onto the East Coast, which hasn’t happened yet, simply because the legality hasn’t been there.”

Overcoming Objectives

Have you always wondered how to overcome objectives in business? Whether you are running a profitable marketing company or a cannabis retailer many businesses face the same types of objectives from, staying profitable, reducing costs, staying ahead of your competition and so much more. Being a small business entrepreneur provides new challenges every day. Take a look around the emerging cannabis industry, and it is clear they are facing the same growing pains and challenges that only the most well-run businesses are surviving. Join Harry and Dan as they discuss some of the objections and obstacles some of your clients may be facing and how you can assist them in overcoming them.

Grow and Go: Canada Hits 2 Year Legal Mark

Canada hit the two year mark of the government regulating recreational cannabis, with many highs and lows over the years. Although, Canada has hit the two year mark customers are still getting their cannabis from the black market. In recent surveys it was predicted that only 21% of cannabis is purchased legally, showing Canada still has a lot of ground to cover. Watch as we go over the highs and lows of the past two years, and how the US can learn from Canada.