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RSPA Academy Education Symposium

In late August RSPA will be hosting their RSPA Academy Education Symposium which is a continuation of their ongoing curriculum delivery. This event promises a diverse group of thought leaders from the retail technology industry providing the latest information on industry and market issues, emerging technologies and best practices for business success. Harry will be joining RSPA as a presenter on the Cannabis 101 panel which will explore the cannabis business opportunity. Watch this Interview and learn more about the conference, sessions, and speakers.

Coffee with Kat: Influencer Marketing in Cannabis

Cannabis marketing can be difficult on some social media platforms with rules and restrictions banning cannabis companies from certain actions. Some of these actions consist of no direct advertising of cannabis, cautions of age restrictions and more. To get around some of these legalities and or rules some companies have used influencers and or celebrity to help with their marketing and promotion efforts. These influencers can not only make huge impacts on the cannabis companies social media platform, but also market to the influencers audience, and win win for the cannabis company. Learn more about influencer marketing with Kat HERE.

Affects Covid Is Having On The Economy

Marc Haskelson joins 420MSP to chat about the affects Covid is having on the economy. After speaking with many clients and or prospects Marc learned many people are asking where they should invest time and effort with the recession we are currently seeing and/or the future recession we are going to see with the impact to the economy. If we think of the universal trues the things that never go away are death an taxes, in turn healthcare represents 26% of the US economy and is growing and will continue to grow (telemedicine). Another great reliable revenue stream is 420 as the dispensaries continued to be open throughout the pandemic. If you are looking for a new revenue stream watch this interview with Harry and Marc and learn what you should be investing your energy in.

Texas Movement with Government Affairs on Hemp

Chuck Mains joins 420MSP to chat about the Texas Department of State Health Services adopting official rules governing the production (cultivation), processing, handling, sampling, testing, and disposal of hemp, which is defined as cannabis with less than .3% THC. These rules go into effect July 26th and have been long coming since the end of 2018, hemp was legalized nationwide and in June 2019, state lawmakers instituted the Texas Hemp Program. With the release of applications to the public to obtain a licenses, Texas is expected to have thousands of people apply to grow hemp in 2020, sowing the seeds of a crop that could create growth in industries such as agriculture, food and beverage, textiles, and construction. Watch the Full Interview HERE.

Cannabis Technology Community Involvement

Dan Foote joins Harry Brelsford and the 420MSP Community to chat about community involvement within the Cannabis Industry. From events to trade groups there are many ways to get involved in the industry. These groups allow you to make connections, grow relationships, and gain knowledge into the business. Watch and learn how to get involved.

Denver Awards 1st Licenses for Medical Marijuana R&D

Harry and Blake take a deep dive into the City of Denver giving a license/permit to MedPharm to cultivate, process, manufacture, and transfer marijuana to other labs for research purposes. Although, Denver has been legal since 2012 it has taken until 2020 to get research and development underway. This is the last piece in the licensing puzzle for the company’s study on how cannabis-based medication might impact Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Over the course of the six-month study, which will launch once all 30 patients are enrolled, MedPharm will monitor whether the patients’ symptoms are improving—whether they’re sleeping better, eating better or feeling less agitated. Watch the complete interview with Harry and Blake.