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Roebuck: NCIA Conference Report

Contributor Duane Roebuck (BlueStar) recently returned from the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) annual conference in San Jose, California and shares his insights. Roebuck considers this one of the top conferences in the industry and it favorably impacted his ability to engage in Point Of Sale (POS) business development efforts. Along the way in this interview Roebuck throws in knowledge nuggets from this three years in the cannabis vertical.

Cannabis Vertical Stigma?

Is there a stigma to working in the cannabis vertical? Despite employing 300,000 in the US (and supporting countless suppliers and vendors), research from Leafwire and others shows cannabis stigma may still be a big issue. For some workers in more conservative sectors, expressing their interest in entering the cannabis industry may lead them to be ostracized by colleagues, family, and peers.
Josh and Jake join Harry to tackle this issue directly. Josh and Jake are California-based Managed Services Providers (MSP) targeting the cannabis vertical and they share their experience. Harry adds that focusing on the medical side (and CBD) is a prudent first step.

Haskelson: PCI and the Cannabis Vertical

Wow – what a vid! Contributor Marc Haskelson (The Compliancy Group) schools the 420MSP audience on what is PCI (and who governs it) followed by the specific PCI relationship with the cannabis vertical. The end game is to be positioning when the laws and regulations for cannabis evolve and transitions can be conducted in a valid and fluid way – like any traditional business. We touch on current topics such as a recent U.S. Senate hearing on the SAFE Banking Act its it applicability to the cannabis vertical.

Church: Already doing it in the Cannabis Vertical

Steven Church, CEO of Cobalt Computer Services (Eugene, OR), is already ahead of the curve having served a several cannabis businesses. It all started with the proverbial medical marijuana practice helping them operating as a technology sound small business. Then the other clients started rolling in. Watch as Church describes his journey on educating customers to ascend the technology maturity continuum. Watch closely for his tip of the hat to discussing business matters such as compliancy.

Weiss: Partner-to-Partner Teaming to serve the Cannabis Vertical

Contributor Josh Weiss talks about a geographically dispersed cannabis technology practice in California. Weiss brings along his business partner Jake to talk about how the met (networking at a major conference) and then engaging in partner-to-partner (P2P) teaming. Specific include interesting technical factoids such as retaining 90-days of video at the dispensary level.

Haskelson: Leverage your vertical compliancy knowledge to elevate to Business Solution Provider (BSP)

Contributor Marc Haskelson, The Compliancy Group, talks about the serious side of cannabis compliancy. Haskelson wants to emphasize elevating the traditional Managed Services Provider (MSP) to a higher-level Business Solution Provider (BSP) by incorporating compliance expertise into the service offering (and think about addressing all of the client’s business problems). Hint – a focus on the medical marijuana market has specific compliancy issues – just watch and find out. Bottom line: distinguish yourself and charge more. Spoiler alert – view your vendors as an ally.