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New York Recently Passed Legislation

New York recently passed legislation legalizing recreational marijuana use, which is a huge win for the tri state area, especially after New Jersey’s win in November. With the legalization in New York creating huge opportunities for not only small businesses, but entrepreneurs who are already starting to create the infrastructure, but now they have the backing of the government. Kat shares with us the she has personally “met contacts in the New York area, who are looking to bring the sophistication of the West Coast cannabis industry really onto the East Coast, which hasn’t happened yet, simply because the legality hasn’t been there.”

New York Becomes Legal

New York has finally legalized recreational marijuana, after Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed the bill into law at the beginning of April. The law allows New Yorkers to possess up to 3 ounces of cannabis for recreational use, as well as, expunges certain marijuana related convictions. With the largest city in North America becoming legal, this opens up a multi-billion dollar market and tremendous opportunities.

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The Importance of a Partner Programs

Throughout the years of working in technology I have learned firsthand how powerful relationships and partnerships can be to your organization. No matter the size of the partner, partner programs are so powerful that many large tech companies use them including Microsoft, Oracle, eBay, and thousands more.
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