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Illinois Dispensary Licenses Delayed

Illinois is looking at new processes for the recreational marijuana dispensary application process after claims of shutting out minority applicants. With 1,667 applicants for the 75 licenses twenty -one qualified with a perfect scores-meaning they tied for the permits. With so many permits not receiving perfect scores Illinois announced plans to provide applicants a supplemental deficiency notice detailing problems or missing material, enabling applicants lacking a perfect score to amend their application. Join Harry and Jim as they discuss more about the Illinois dispensary applications and what’s next.

Inside New York’s Black Market

It’s the second year in a row New York has abandoned legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Although, New York has not legalized the use of recreational marijuana, it’s not stopping New Yorkers from partaking. During the pandemic consumption has skyrocketed flooding the black market. Many New Yorkers rely on home delivery, however, that is becoming more difficult with the lock downs and new rules of people entering buildings. With the flood of consumption, many people are looking for new ways to consume from high quality eatables to speakeasy dining experiences. Watch as Kat and Harry explore the black markets in New York.

Point Of Sales Customization

As more and more states approve cannabis for both legal and recreational use, and more marijuana dispensaries receive their business license, the focus on cannabis compliance with state and local officials has become more and more important. Most states regulations stipulate that every retailer must report data on sales transactions, returned products and disposal of returned or display cannabis. With the stakes being high for failing to report, selling to minors, or lack of security can put your licenses at risk. With states using different reporting systems and metrics, the question that comes into play is, is their one system that works for all of the states? Watch as Duane and Harry chat about different POS systems to help dispensaries stay in compliance while reporting.