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Meet Randy Roe

Randy is a longtime friend in the technology industry. Randy has worked in technology for years and enjoys leveraging all types of technology to help retail businesses grow their profits and obtain other desired business outcomes. Although, he works on all aspects of technology he has spent most of his time on retail point of sale software applications, mastering the features and consulting retailers on how to deploy and utilize the software and related tools successfully. With his experience in technology he has enjoyed taking the next steps in helping cannabis retailers to know where to start and or what to do next.

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Cannabis Industry Consolidation

The cannabis industry continues to flourish each year, with no two years being the same. Each year we see new states onboard cannabis, rules and regulations changing, and players in the industry raising capital, merging, and changing business models to accommodate industry trends. With this rapidly changing industry we have seen a number of deals conducted in late 2020 (Tilray and Aphria and then also Truly and Harvest Health), and many expect to see more acquisitions in 2021 as more states legalize adult use.

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