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Bonus Contribution – Essential Services

The founder and CEO of L.A. Creative Technologies share insights as feet on the street including cannabis deliveries door-to-door in the pandemic shutdown. The key is that the cannabis vertical has been declared an essential service and Weiss hits is head-on. Watch this interview HERE. PS – Weiss talks about the online cannabis virtual meetups and resulting podcasts.

Colorado’s Essential Services Tag

Blake Schwank out of Colorado Springs, CO starts off with an interesting story. He is broadcasting from the backyard of his new home (his home office wasn’t setup). He closed his new home in the pandemic by completing closing papers in a parking lot LOL. But Schwank shares Colorado-specific insights about the essential services tag including a government reversal after a mere three (3) hours of shutdown.

Role of Dark Web Scanning as a Marketing Tool

Our analyst Josh Weiss speaks towards some primary research he completed to create a list of cannabis business entities in Southern California that might benefit from his managed services provider (MSP) proactive. He scanned the “Built in LA” that is a site to help startups promote themselves and help people find jobs. Then he built a list of cannabis-related companies and he engaged in basic dark web scanning to detect technology vulnerabilities such as plain text passwords.

Biz Dev in the Cannabis Vertical

A common trend in Jim Remke’s business development efforts at POSRG is this. Cannabis clients are investing forward into the latest generation of technology at the point-of-sale dispensary level. That includes kiosking and self-service options.