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A note from author Harry Brelsford

“Capitalizing on the successful SMB Nation community, I’m here to answer the most common question I’m asked daily by technology partners: WHAT DO I DO NOW?

It’s a fair question as dramatic shifting supply curves for technology product and services in the transformation to cloud have made it exceedingly difficult to successfully navigate the next technology epoch. I have the answer and it’s very simple: FOLLOW THE MONEY! This book is your specific guide to entering the lucrative field of providing technology solutions, services and products to the ever growing cannabis industry.”

Fun Fact: This book is the result of over 2+ years of primary, secondary and field research in all aspects of the cannabis business. Brelsford’s painstaking efforts make it easy for you to expand your MSP practice to quickly add and profit from the cannabis vertical. Add over ten years of technology partner community know how and you have the results between the covers of the book.

MSP Pillars

Finder – Learn how to get the business as an MSP
Minder – Learn how to manage the MSP business
Grinder – Do the MSP work you love and make a fortune

Vertical Focus
This is your MSP secret to success by immediately focusing in the fastest growing segment in the US, Canada and other international communities.

  • CBD
  • Medical
  • Recreational
  • Industrial Hemp

Fun Fact: The lessons learned between these covers apply to nearly any business vertical!

Understand Vertical Technology Workloads

  • Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Supply Chain – Seed to Sale
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Inventory Management
  • Quality Control/Assurance
  • Legal & Regulatory Matters
  • Compliance
  • Traceability
  • Analytics

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