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TCG Newsletter: Issue 3-2

Leading Articles:

*Intersection of Cannabis and Technology

* Cannabis Industry: Entry to Exit

*Advanced Cannabis Certification

TCG Newsletter: Issue 3-1

Leading Articles:

*Measure What Matters

* Brand Awareness- Building Street Cred

*Cannabis Metrics- Measuring Success

TCG Newsletter: Issue 2-31

Leading Articles:

*What is an NFT?

* The Cannabis Industry is Here to Stay

*Building Vendor Relationships

TCG Newsletter: Issue 2-30

Leading Articles:

*Seed to Sale Software

* Cannabis Technology Solutions are Driving the Industry

*Alternative payment methodologies in the cannabis vertical

TCG Newsletter: Issue 2-29

Leading Articles:

*4 exceptions to the same old cannabis conferences

* Market Intelligence in Cannabis

*Investing in Cannabis

TCG Newsletter: Issue 2-28

Leading Articles:

*Cannabis State of the Union

* Transportation Of Cannabis

*Making Technology Easier for Growers

420MSP Newsletter: Issue 2-27

Leading Articles:

*Join the Cannabis Technology GREEN RUSH!

* 2022 Cannabis Technology Services Providers

*Choosing the Right Cannabis POS

420MSP Newsletter: Issue 2-26

Leading Articles:

*Benefits of IoT In Cannabis

* Music, Cannabis, and Cannabis Business

*Helping Educate Cannabis Enthusiasts

420MSP Newsletter: Issue 2-23

Leading Articles:
*Connecting the world with technology

*Touchscreen Technologies in Cannabis Businesses

*Bringing cannabis and CBD to the forefront