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It takes one to know one. Former MSP and long-time industry player Laura Steward and Harry Brelsford
recently got together on her WAXE-FM radio show out of Florida to discuss the new book “How to Be an
MSP – Volume 1: Vertical Edition” on her thoughtful show “It’s All About the Questions!”

The flow of the show is to really step back and think about starting, running (and owning) any small
business. That’s because at its core – the book is about the well-established service provider model
called Finder, Minder, Grinder. After reviewing that frame work, Steward then shifts the conversation to
new opportunities in the CBD and legal cannabis industry for managed services providers (MSP) seeking
new technology clients that will pay what you are worth (and you enjoy working for). It’s worth a listen
HERE. And dets on the book HERE.