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Figure 1: Governor Jay Inslee at an online cannabis industry fundraiser.

Well I know one way to get your attention – use a keyword like elections! Seriously. With the upcoming November 3, 2020 elections, it is possible for you to support the cannabis candidates of your choosing (consider this a non-partisan statement).

I try to lead by example. This last week I attended an online fund raiser for Gov. Jay Inslee (WA) hosted by Marijuana Venture and the Craft Cannabis Coalition. Full disclosure: I bought one of the “cheap seats” for this event (when held in-person is known as buying a plate). Inslee spoke with each participant and I asked a question about formalizing interstate cooperation starting with the Office of the Governor. Right now, there is an informal compact between the cannabis czars in Washington, Oregon and California (and I’m assuming other states too) it’d be great to see this be a formal commission supported by top brass.

I end where I started. Get involved in the government affairs side of this growing business!