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Colorado’s Essential Services Tag

Blake Schwank out of Colorado Springs, CO starts off with an interesting story. He is broadcasting from the backyard of his new home (his home office wasn’t setup). He closed his new home in the pandemic by completing closing papers in a parking lot LOL. But Schwank shares Colorado-specific insights about the essential services tag including a government reversal after a mere three (3) hours of shutdown.

Carlisle & Whitley – FIFO*

Gordon Carlisle and Todd Whitley from BrightWire in Olympia, Washington participated in cannabis technology opportunities before it was even LEGAL in Washington! It’s ultimately a case of “first in, first out” (aka FIFO). The good news is that they got paid for their efforts and learned a lot. The bad news is that the industry was so young that the experience proved frustrating for this well-organized MSP. So they exited the cannabis vertical after that first experience. However, when you watch the video, you’ll discover that they are open and receptive to re-entering the cannabis technology space nw that several years have passed and the industry is displaying signs of maturity.