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Report from Lemonhaze 2019

A summary of the Lemonhaze event in October 2019 in Tacoma, WA. This two-day conference is oriented to the end of the cannabis supply chain – the retail budtenders inside the dispensaries. So suppliers in the tradeshow hall reflect wares that support the medical and recreational sale and consumption of cannabis. Fun fact: there was a comedy track at this conference to keep it real! Put Lemonhaze on your calendar for 2020 (note it will occur in multiple cities across the country)

Haskelson: Leverage your vertical compliancy knowledge to elevate to Business Solution Provider (BSP)

Contributor Marc Haskelson, The Compliancy Group, talks about the serious side of cannabis compliancy. Haskelson wants to emphasize elevating the traditional Managed Services Provider (MSP) to a higher-level Business Solution Provider (BSP) by incorporating compliance expertise into the service offering (and think about addressing all of the client’s business problems). Hint – a focus on the medical marijuana market has specific compliancy issues – just watch and find out. Bottom line: distinguish yourself and charge more. Spoiler alert – view your vendors as an ally.