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Colorado’s Essential Services Tag

Blake Schwank out of Colorado Springs, CO starts off with an interesting story. He is broadcasting from the backyard of his new home (his home office wasn’t setup). He closed his new home in the pandemic by completing closing papers in a parking lot LOL. But Schwank shares Colorado-specific insights about the essential services tag including a government reversal after a mere three (3) hours of shutdown.

Remke: State of Illinois Updates – Awarding Licenses and Consumption Lounges

We’ve got Jim Remke from POSRG in Chicago back to talk about the State of Illinois going adult use legal in 2020. His updates include that May 1st the dispensary license award winners will be announced (around 75-licenses) and then there will be a several month period to launch. That’s a greenfield opportunity. And catch his talk about a public consumption lounge in Springfield, IL.

MJBizCon – We Grow Every Year!

We speak with an executive at Treez about his emphasis on customer experience. At MJBizCon, Treez is releasing enhancements that go beyond it’s point-of-sale roots. Includes analytics to help the supply chain target and meet customer demand. Spoiler alert – Treez views itself as a data company.

MJBizCon – Second Year Feedback

We catch-up with Jim Remke from POSRG in ‘day booth at MJBizCon 2019 in Vegas. Second year in a row that POSRG has displayed and this year, while not overwhelmed with Managed Services Providers (MSPs) walking the floor, Remke is speaking with customers who are vertically integrated over the product stack.

Schwank: Separate Corporate Entity for Cannabis Technology Play

Rock star Managed Services Provider (MSP) Blake Schwank from CCS (Colorado Springs, CO) has diversified his core business (focusing on small and medium businesses (SMB) and K-12 education) by creating a new company (“NewCo”) that focuses on the cannabis vertical. There were important reasons to do this including banking relationships and more. Watch!