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This past week, over four afternoons, cannabis technology experts and attendees enjoyed an online conference exploring opportunities for Managed Services Providers (MSP), IT Pros, entrepreneurs and investors.  Topics ranged from compliance, security, marketing and the cannabis technology supply chains and product stacks. The online format was best for the panels where Jim Roddy from the RSPA trade group herded cats and stimulated audience engagement.

You can revisit the “411” on the conference itself HERE to see what we did and that’s all I have to say about that. Instead of rehashing the content calendar, I’d rather share feedback and a couple forward looking statements. In Figure 1, you see one of the panels.

BONUS: You can purchase the recorded session HERE so you can get up to speed with a binge watching session or two!

But one special SHOUT OUT: Paul Seaborn brought down the house with his keynote on the “State of the Cannabis Vertical” as seen in Figure 2.




Figure 1: The “Security Matters in the Cannabis Vertical” panel.

Figure 2: Paul Seaborn, a well-respected college professor in the business field, has the “go to” site of sites you should bookmark (“Business of Marijuana”) and visit often


It’s the breakfast of champions – feedback is! Who better to share insights and visibility into what we did than the attendees:

Mike O’Neil: “I thought it was super cool and very informative. I can’t single out any ONE panelist as they were all EXCELLENT, like a real team. You were an amazing host and kept it moving along nicely. The “break times” were just like at a real event. I admit I had a beer during these late afternoon sessions!”

Scott Cayouette: “GREAT Online conference with very timely content and wonderful information that will help “any” MSP get into this New and worthwhile IT Service area. Harry Brelsford is once again a “Real” pioneer with a Vision that helped so many in the past with the Microsoft SBS Server and I believe will with his experience and ability to grow a Community…hit a Grand Slam here that will outshine his previous work by many orders of Magnitude…Great Job Harry, Jenny, and All the Super panelists too. I strongly suggest this Conference to the small business MSP – I also recommend you get the future recordings when they become available and get caught up!!”

Josh Weiss: “Thanks Harry and Jenny for a great time and really enjoyed collaboration with the panelists. Onwards!”

Grant Thompson: “Great conference, packed with very useful content.”

Andrew Harper: “Great conference and brilliantly executed. Content was spot on – learned a lot.”

Carl Katz: “Harry – was really impressed with the presenters and content!”

Aaron Booker: “Great sessions and great speakers Harry. Color me impressed.”

Vibhav Talati: “Awesome Event! I am so glad to enjoy…”

Blake Schwank:” …this was great – thanks for inviting me!  Much better than I thought a virtual conference would be…”

Next steps

Now that we’ve got “one on the boards” we can reflect over the next several days about the event and plan for the future. A couple of high-level thoughts include a Fall 2020 online event to keep momentum going but more importantly to keep YOU current with this incredibly fast changing industry. Our 2021 planning includes the notion of four (4) events – one each fiscal quarter and in different parts of the country such as Seattle, Southern California, Denver and somewhere on the east coast (Washington D.C.? or Boston?)

You can now purchase the on-demand event content HERE for your educational benefit