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Date: October 6, 2022

Time: 1:30pm CST

Duration: 60-mins

Finally, a critical look at becoming a CannaTech Channel Partner as a gateway to the green rush. This is your chance to discover one of the first CannaTech channel partner programs to scale up quickly. Soup to nuts workloads include dispensary design for optimal security and technology, project management, Self Service (ATM, Kiosk, Digital Signage), Drive thru, POS equipment with on-site installation services, ongoing maintenance, and more.

Whether you are working in the CannaTech Field with existing clients or want to help clients open a new dispensary, you’ll gather insights into presenting a turn key all-in-one CannaTech solution stack. This is your door opener to expanding your CannaTech technology practice with vetted solution providers and vendors.

Success pillars include:

  • Security: Physical (e.g., limiting theft), Cyber, Video Surveillance, Compliance
  • Efficiency: Optimizing speed of service and labor issues. Self-service, delivery, drive thru, etc.
  • Customer Journey: For example, educating your customer’s customers with technology such as kiosks. Making the purchasing process as pleasant and frictionless as possible.


As part of our presentation, you’ll complete a Channel Partner Vetting Survey!


  • Randy Roe, Principal Analyst – The CannaTech Group
  • Harry Brelsford, Principal Analyst – The CannaTech Group
  • Andrew Berman, Channel Manager, Diebold Nixdorf
  • DN Security

Who should attend:

  • MSPs
  • RSPA Members
  • Resellers
  • VARs
  • Combase Partners