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Hear Ye! New CannaTech Channel Program and Product Stack


Finally, a critical look at becoming a CannaTech Channel Partner as a gateway to the green rush. This is your chance to discover one of the first CannaTech channel partner programs to scale up quickly. Soup to nuts workloads include dispensary design for optimal security and technology, project management, Self Service (ATM, Kiosk, Digital Signage), Drive thru, POS equipment with on-site installation services, ongoing maintenance, and more.
Whether you are working in the CannaTech Field with existing clients or want to help clients open a new dispensary, you’ll gather insights into presenting a turn key all-in-one CannaTech solution stack. This is your door opener to expanding your CannaTech technology practice with vetted solution providers and vendors.
Success pillars include:
• Security: Physical (e.g., limiting theft), Cyber, Video Surveillance, Compliance
• Efficiency: Optimizing speed of service and labor issues. Self-service, delivery, drive thru, etc.
• Customer Journey: For example, educating your customer’s customers with technology such as kiosks. Making the purchasing process as pleasant and frictionless as possible.

Join the Cannabis Technology GREEN RUSH!

The ship hasn’t left the dock and the train hasn’t left the station. YET!
Be there in this early-stage growth market to get your share of this $137.4 Billion+ global market. These are early days and your skills as a technology professional are in high demand in the complex and regulated technology supply chain from seed-to-sale.
You will understand the scope of the opportunities in the webcast, and you’ll leave with next steps to take immediately. It’s NOT TOO LATE!

CannaTech Series: Understanding Technology Workloads inside Dispensaries

By popular demand, we have created a community online gathering to walk you through the big scary chart that brings all of the cannatech elements together for the technology workflow of a normal dispensary. This is based on the August 2021 CannaTech Corner column at Marijuana Venture magazine. So many cannabis professionals were asking “how does it all work” that we published the column and you are welcome to attend this complimentary online event.

Watch HERE

420MSP Posse Launch Party and 1st Anniversary Happy Hour – Online

We’re serious about cannabis technology and you should be too! Join this initial meet-and-greet as we build an exciting cannabis technology community of a wide range of stakeholders including everyone on the seed-to-sale cannabis technology supply chain: Businesses, Owners, Decision Makers, IT Pros and Managed Services Providers. We’re all in this together and we are better when we share knowledge. Plus this is FUN!

PS – we are also toasting to the first anniversary of my startup 420MSP that is laser focused on the cannabis technology supply chain!

Cannabis 201 Marketing

Join us for the launch of the marketing materials to propel you into the cannabis technology sector. Based on your feedback in prior MSP Tech Talk lectures, we’ve developed ‘da kit to help you go to market building a wildly profitable new business practice. Applies to medically-legal states in addition to recreationally-legal (adds up to a majority of US states). Applies to Canada and other select global locations. And that’s all we’re willing to share here – you’ll just have to attend for the rest.

Health Care IT Vertical: Cannabis

Are you looking for the next great thing? Take a fresh look at the legal cannabis market (in ten states and growing). The net-net on the new-new is that this is a completely legitimate business that is cash-heavy and technology dependent. It’s akin to the pharmacy business with respect to compliance and other workflows. Meet a real MSP who is capitalizing on the cannabis opportunity already. Plus you’ll be schooled on the nuances of this business including the seed-to-sale supply chain, the differences between states, etc. Leave this webinar with an understanding on how the cannabis opportunity can be part of your MSP portfolio moving forward with ready-to-rock technology solutions.