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420MSP Cannabis Tech Conference Recap

Blake joined the 420MSP team for the 1st 420MSP Cannabis Tech Conference. Although, Blake enjoys in person events he said this conference gave him some great tools he could take back to his business and implement it immediately. He also formed some great relationships that he has already connected with after the conference. All for all Blake says it was a great conference, and he looks forward to the next one. Watch the interview here.

Latham: Cannabis and Animals!

Ready to expand your overall understanding of the cannabis vertical? Fasten your seat belt as a Denver-based Managed Service Provider (MSP) speaks towards a specific use case for cannabis – animals. This is a must watch because if you are going to play in the cannabis vertical, you need to have the “context” of what the workflow and use cases are. Prepared to get schooled by Clint Latham of IT Guru (with a niche focus on veterinarians) who is a true intellectual and speaks candidly about using cannabis as a tool in his dog’s cancer fight.

Bachaud : MSPs – All Together Now

Kirkland, Washington-based MSP Jim Bachaud is making his mark as a “green geek” in the emerging cannabis vertical. He shares a recent experience as being the only technology vendor at a large Seattle cannabis show. We both talk about the investment journey to develop a new vertical practice (e.g. cannabis) and how it’s not for the faint of heart. Key takeaway: patience. Watch for more secrets from this thriving MSP.

Remke: Fall Shows to Consider!

The last kilometer is how we frame up Remke’s Point of Sale (POS) solution set in the cannabis vertical. It’s all about making the sale. As we turn to Fall, Remke shares some up coming shows that he’ll be attending including the MJ BizCon show of shows in December 2019. I predict 50,000+ attendees and Remke concurs. Apparently, according to Remke, the Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center has been compounded with the addition of the North Hall for exhibitors!

Positively POS for Dispensaries

This cannabusiness vertical is attracting seasoned professionals and solution providers from adjacent communities very quickly. That’s exactly how we met
POS Remarketing Group (POSRG) from Chicago. It has leveraged its long standing POS expertise to drive a new cannabis dispensary POS business unit. In this interview with Jim Remke, we discover that POSRG has entered the cannabis field with a Total Life Cycle approach. More importantly, it’s open and receptive to working with Managed Services Providers (MSPs) allowing all parties to do what they do best.