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MJbizcon Recap with Duane Roebuck

MJBizCon is the largest and most anticipated event in Cannabis. Despite the pandemic effecting the last 18 months of everyone’s lives, MJbiz was able to celebrate its 11th anniversary with an award-winning show held in Las Vegas. Although, the pandemic did put some stipulations on the conference, such as spacing, international travel, and more the conference team was able to expand the tradeshow floor and provide even more space for networking and partnership building.

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420MSP Cannabis Tech Conference Recap

Blake joined the 420MSP team for the 1st 420MSP Cannabis Tech Conference. Although, Blake enjoys in person events he said this conference gave him some great tools he could take back to his business and implement it immediately. He also formed some great relationships that he has already connected with after the conference. All for all Blake says it was a great conference, and he looks forward to the next one. Watch the interview here.

Weiss: Here are Topics for a 420MSP Conference!

Contributor Josh Weiss and I had a meetup in Pittsburgh to do an in-person interview as part of the Continuum Navigate conference. We start talking about reinventing yourself – a pillar of a 420MSP community. I float the idea of a Spring 2020 two-day conference for MSPs in the cannabis vertical (hint: Denver, CO). Weiss offers up some content suggestions.

Schwank: Event Idea Validation

This month’s check-in with Colorado MSP Blake Schwank allowed us to float a trial balloon about hosting a two-day Cannabis MSP Technology event in the Spring of 2020. Schwank not only endorsed the idea as a good fit in this emerging vertical but also offered content ideas. Our best guess is to hold it in Denver in April 2020 (buy not on April 20th).

Remke: Fall Shows to Consider!

The last kilometer is how we frame up Remke’s Point of Sale (POS) solution set in the cannabis vertical. It’s all about making the sale. As we turn to Fall, Remke shares some up coming shows that he’ll be attending including the MJ BizCon show of shows in December 2019. I predict 50,000+ attendees and Remke concurs. Apparently, according to Remke, the Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center has been compounded with the addition of the North Hall for exhibitors!