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How To Get Involved

Do you have a passion? Want to get your voice heard? According to Chuck Mains your biggest voice is your association. With the upcoming elections and many important issues, it is more important than ever to get your voice heard. Although, your voice and opinions are powerful, there is strength in numbers. Working in a association with others presents an opportunity for you to pool your resources and add your voice to a chorus who share your concerns. Watch as Chuck and Harry talk about getting involved in government affairs and forming a strong voice.

Coffee with Kat: Influencer Marketing in Cannabis

Cannabis marketing can be difficult on some social media platforms with rules and restrictions banning cannabis companies from certain actions. Some of these actions consist of no direct advertising of cannabis, cautions of age restrictions and more. To get around some of these legalities and or rules some companies have used influencers and or celebrity to help with their marketing and promotion efforts. These influencers can not only make huge impacts on the cannabis companies social media platform, but also market to the influencers audience, and win win for the cannabis company. Learn more about influencer marketing with Kat HERE.

Cannabis Cybersecurity Attacks and Hacks

Esteemed analyst Josh Weiss, an MSP in Los Angles, walks us through a recent CNN article “The cannabis industry’s next big threat: Hacks and fraud” HERE ( We key in on the fraud conversation – in particular – investment fraud. Weiss is in a cannabis investor meetup in Southern California. Weiss shares that the recent meetup talked about this topic – for example, this is a new vertical that is attractive to bad actors.