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The Cannabis Industry is Here to Stay

Despite the global pandemic, a lacking supply chain, and inflation on the rise, the cannabis industry is growing. Over the past year the cannabis industry has increased by 41% and is expected to reach almost $31 billion by the end of the year. This growth should not come as a surprise as many states in the US have some form of legal cannabis. With the demand for cannabis and the expectation of expansion into several markets, is this your opportunity to launch into the space?

MJbizcon Recap with Duane Roebuck

MJBizCon is the largest and most anticipated event in Cannabis. Despite the pandemic effecting the last 18 months of everyone’s lives, MJbiz was able to celebrate its 11th anniversary with an award-winning show held in Las Vegas. Although, the pandemic did put some stipulations on the conference, such as spacing, international travel, and more the conference team was able to expand the tradeshow floor and provide even more space for networking and partnership building.

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Importance of Education

What is higher education? Higher education is considered the last step in formal education. It is focused on learning new ways of thinking and acquiring problem-solving skills, as well as, improving skills in critical thinking, analytics, written and oral communication, and group problem-solving.

Roebuck: Insights into MJBizCon 2019

A busy Duane Roebuck (BlueStar) shared his insights before leaving for the airport on the MJBizCon 2019 conference. Roebuck emphasizes that, if there is one show to attend, its this one. And there is a little secret to success here: only buy the expo pass, save money, and walk the floor “…the floor is where the activity is.” As a distributor, BlueStar doesn’t have a booth (Roebuck works the floor himself). Instead, BlueStar invests in its resellers to have a point of presence on the show floor. “The thought is that all ships rise with the tide.” Shared Roebuck. He said a few years ago he had two technology resellers on the floor and this year he had seven!