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Bachaud : MSPs – All Together Now

Kirkland, Washington-based MSP Jim Bachaud is making his mark as a “green geek” in the emerging cannabis vertical. He shares a recent experience as being the only technology vendor at a large Seattle cannabis show. We both talk about the investment journey to develop a new vertical practice (e.g. cannabis) and how it’s not for the faint of heart. Key takeaway: patience. Watch for more secrets from this thriving MSP.

Foote: Cannabis MSP in the 49th State

DanTech who is capitalizing on the cannabis vertical. Foote shares the contrast between his cannabis clients. One is sophisticated and embracing technology in creative ways. The other is learning the business of business and Foote is helping them with both technology services (that be the MSP part) and also acting as a business advisor. Foote’s firm recently celebrated ten years in business os he knows a thing or two about starting, owning and operating a business. And Foote gives a shout out to a couple well-known SMB MSP vendors.

WAXE-FM: Deep Questions into Harry’s MSP book

WAXE-FM: Deep Questions into Harry’s MSP book

It takes one to know one. Former MSP and long-time industry player Laura Steward and Harry Brelsford recently got together on her WAXE-FM radio show out of Florida to discuss the new book “How to Be an MSP – Volume 1: Vertical Edition” on her thoughtful show “It’s All...