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Remke: State of Illinois Updates – Awarding Licenses and Consumption Lounges

We’ve got Jim Remke from POSRG in Chicago back to talk about the State of Illinois going adult use legal in 2020. His updates include that May 1st the dispensary license award winners will be announced (around 75-licenses) and then there will be a several month period to launch. That’s a greenfield opportunity. And catch his talk about a public consumption lounge in Springfield, IL.

MJBizCon – Second Year Feedback

We catch-up with Jim Remke from POSRG in ‘day booth at MJBizCon 2019 in Vegas. Second year in a row that POSRG has displayed and this year, while not overwhelmed with Managed Services Providers (MSPs) walking the floor, Remke is speaking with customers who are vertically integrated over the product stack.

Roebuck: RFID 2.0 and the Cannabis Vertical

Duane Roebuck (BlueStar) is all in the cannabis vertical and always provides value in our monthly segment. We’re talking RFID 2.0 and the hooks in the cannabis vertical. Roebuck starts with the growers (the start of the supply chain) and integrations in Metric. This results in operation efficiencies as you don’t have to worry about barcoding scanning at each step. It also improves harvest yield as the flower is sensitive to movement at certain stages of growth and bar code scanning can cause damage v. RFID does not. Much more in this segment – so watch up!

Remke: Fall Shows to Consider!

The last kilometer is how we frame up Remke’s Point of Sale (POS) solution set in the cannabis vertical. It’s all about making the sale. As we turn to Fall, Remke shares some up coming shows that he’ll be attending including the MJ BizCon show of shows in December 2019. I predict 50,000+ attendees and Remke concurs. Apparently, according to Remke, the Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center has been compounded with the addition of the North Hall for exhibitors!

Roebuck: NCIA Conference Report

Contributor Duane Roebuck (BlueStar) recently returned from the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) annual conference in San Jose, California and shares his insights. Roebuck considers this one of the top conferences in the industry and it favorably impacted his ability to engage in Point Of Sale (POS) business development efforts. Along the way in this interview Roebuck throws in knowledge nuggets from this three years in the cannabis vertical.