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Importance of Building a Product Stack

The legal cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve everyday with new states onboarding, and rules and regulations changing. With this growth comes challenges for dispensary owners to keep up with rules and regulations, licensing, product supply, and technology infrastructure. Choosing the right technology is crucial. Although there is an abundance of technologies many businesses are struggling to navigate cannabis software stacks and properly implement the solutions to help their specific needs and build long term success. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group meets with Dan Foote at the RSPA Conference to discuss the importance of product stacks for the cannabis industry.

Increase Security with Facial Recognition

Legalization of cannabis is continuing to grow across North America, Canada, and is slowly making its way worldwide. Although cannabis is legal at many state levels the federal government is yet to jump on board. With legalization and market growth increasing so is the legislation, and compliance regulations. One of the major regulations is focused on cannabis security. With one in two cannabis outlets targeted for theft, and 17% of dispensaries robbed last year, these numbers show why security is so important in the cannabis industry. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group meets with CyberLink at the RSPA Conference to discuss their facial recognition engine for IOT/ALot and what it can bring to cannabis businesses.

Cannabis Payment Solutions

Although the cannabis industry is growing each year, with legalizations, normalization, and demand, the federal classifications of cannabis have not changed. Marijuana remains a schedule 1 drug under the Federal Controlled Substance Act, leading to cannabis business owners facing hardships regarding finances. One of the most common issues many businesses face around cannabis is payment services, from credit cards, cryptos, debit solutions, and cashless ATM’s, business owners are always seeking alternative solutions. Harry Brelsford of The CannaTech Group sits down with Jim Roddy of the RSPA to discuss alternative payment solutions in the cannabis space.

Learning Management Platform for Cannabis

RSPA launched a learning platform for a way for its members to access online courses that are industry specific and industry focused. By leveraging experts in their community they are able to build courses, for their members to take, interact with, and learn from. Be sure to check out the RSPA’s educational materials specific to IT in the cannabis industry.

Roddy: Retail Solution Providers Target Cannabis

Jim Roddy from the RSPA checks in with us and expresses “lots of interest” in the cannabis sub-vertical (adult use, CBD). He recently produced a podcast that included one of our other analysts (Duane Roebuck from BlueStar). The podcast was a roundtable that present different angles including distribution, financial services and a reseller from New Hampshire.