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The legalization of Cannabis is not only sweeping across the United States but also into a lot of countries who are legalizing cannabis nationwide.  With the legalization of medical cannabis in 33 states plus the District of Columbia and recreational weed in 10 states plus the District of Columbia it’s safe to say the cannabis industry is booming.  Although, the legal cannabis industry is booming so is the illegal or black market.   More and more states from California to Oregon and Texas are reporting illegal marijuana on the rise.  With numbers of illegal operation out numbering legal operations.   Currently, California’s black market for cannabis is more profitable than its legal one.    To many people cannabis is cannabis and instead of dealing with the hassle of finding a legal dispensary and paying exorbitant fees many people are opting to continue participating in the black market, which is more convenient, and more affordable.  Watch as Harry and Josh talk about the effects of the Black Market.