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The November elections (where 5 states went legal) coupled with the pandemic, people’s awareness of cannabis use has been heightened, we have seen a perception change over the last year.  With Seattle surpassing 1 billion dollars in taxes, business leaders, politicians, and the community are looking at how they can get a piece of the pie.  We chat with Dan Foote who has embraced the cannabis industry by assisting with their technology needs.  Listen as we learn more about the cannabis industry, how it has changed, and how you can get involved.


Video Transcription

Dan Foote & Harry Brelsford  0:09      Hey 420MSP Harry here back with Dan Foote. I like to say my home state of Alaska is actually born in Denver, but I still consider myself an Alaskan having grown up there. So it’s does that count? Am I still on Alaska nurse I, if I lost that title, I, I was born and raised in Seattle, but I’m an Alaskan, you know, after 30 plus years.You know, Seattle’s okay to visit. But I’ll come back home. This home. Yeah, no, I get it. I get it. Well, hey, before we jump into some business model stuff you’re doing, I just want to give a shout out if I can get it on the screen marijuana venture that magazine, the current issue, has a special section on Alaska. And Dan, it’s pretty cool. And I know you get the magazine to buddy, Greg James, the publisher and his team. The the article, the section goes a couple ways they profile some growers, they profile, some dispensary’s, that’s interesting. And then they have sort of the demographic profile and the personas about you know how big Alaska is and the income and per capita, that kind of thing. So folks, give a give a friendly nod over to Marijuana Venture Magazine, it’s at marijuana encourage you to subscribe. And boy Oh, boy, you got the iconic image of Alaska behind you the Alaska railroad. So you’re got that we’re talking Alaska. Can’t stop a train. Yeah, something like that. So Well, what’s news, you said that you’ve secured a domain name and enhancing your business models. We’re building out, that just just purchased it the other day haven’t had I, I’ve got it up on my web server now. But boy, it’s still got a ways to go. But you were mentoring marijuana venture, one of our clients is in there, aka Slowburn. And they have just, they’re in the process now of releasing their new website. So aka Slowburn calm. They’re great people. super friendly, knowledgeable, fun.


Dan Foote  2:22    don’t hear any complaints about them.All always, always good stuff. And our first they are they were our premier cannabis client. They were number one to start and have been with us shortly after they got up and running. And you know, we have a great relationship really very fortunate to stores here in Anchorage.

Harry Brelsford  2:50     Yeah, yeah, no, good. Well, so what are a couple questions and you know, you’ve certainly been in the space, as long as I have. And it there was a time and you know, some of the other MSPs, they, they they’re kind of on the down low with their cannabis activities because of the perception. So on now, I would offer that’s really changed in particular in the last year with the pandemic, just right, heightening people’s awareness of cannabis for use, and a lot of all it’s all that, plus the November elections where five states in some form went more legal. So it’s becoming mainstream. So you’re, you’re coming out of the closet, I’m not, I’m not suggesting you were in the closet with your cannabis clients, but you’re putting it out there. What was the thinking about this domain name?

Dan Foote  3:41     Well, we wanted to embrace the, the 420 community really, and that cannatech. You know, it’s that twisting of names, but cannabis and technology and and here we are in the great state of Alaska, where everything is area code 907. I like it. Yeah, you know, we’re the, we’re the smallest state in the country, you know, one area code and covers, you know, hundreds of 1000s of square miles. But, you know, that’s Alaska for you. We are, we are a different, very different breed here. Yeah. attitudes, etc. But we’ve we, with our cannabis industry up here, we’ve done really well, not only as dantec services, but the cannabis industry as a whole and what they’ve been doing. And  it’s amazing how you can always boil things down to metrics. And one of those metrics is tax revenue and tax revenues, the one that seems to spike a lot of interest with the politicians types that say they don’t want to tax anybody, but boy, they’re sure happy to receive those funds from the cannabis industry.

Harry Brelsford  5:07    Yeah, yeah. No, it’s interesting to bring that up last night on the local news, the Seattle local news, they talked about the state of Washington has just surpassed 1 billion in tax revenue per year. In Wow. And I mean, that’s real, real money. That you’re right, the politicians, they’re thinking pet projects, passion projects, you know, give me give me some money, honey, or Show me the money. Right, there you go, as they say, but no, I really think that’s cool, the branding that you’re doing, and I think we’re gonna see more of it in the MSP community that there’ll be, you have your dantec over here for your traditional line of work, but then you’re, you know, enhancing your messaging over here, I think we’re gonna start to see more of that, because the message is clear and then cannatech is you’re aware of my column? I mean, I’ve grabbed that word, myself. Canna tech corner in the column and marijuana venture, because I think it’s descriptive, right? It’s

Dan Foote  6:14  not gonna ride on coattails. Seriously, you got pretty good coattails to ride on, Harry. So yes, I did pick up that from you. So that’s fine.We, we put the 907 on the end of it. And wait, what what are we at the initial tagline on it is support for the 420 support for 420 businesses or the 420 industry or something like that? You know what, we’ll come up with something a little clip here than that. But you know, it’s a habit even haven’t even put in one picture yet or done. Yeah, yeah. No, I know. But you’re here to go.

Harry Brelsford  6:58  Well, and in fact, I tell you what, next month, make a mental note next month, we’ll take a tour of your site. So how about that the pressures on? Alright, right. My man Dan, the man. Thanks for your time as always. So see you in Nashville? Yeah. rspa Yeah. Yeah, it’s on the docket mask up. I’m sure I’ll be mask up. But uh, yeah, I’ll see you in Nashville. I got my I got my second vaccine yesterday. So all right, my friend. Take care. Take care. All right. Bye. Bye.