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Texas legislation has about 7 weeks left in it session, and is moving quickly to get all bills heard.  These next few weeks are pretty critical if you’re going to get a bill out of committee because as it  gets out of committee it goes to the floor and then goes to the chamber in the same process. So these next couple weeks are important  to get all bills heard. There a couple critical bills being heard from the hemp cleanup bill, to expanding the use for cannabis as well as allowing universities to do research studies.  Watch as Harry and Chuck chat about this fast moving bills.

Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  4:57 

Yeah, well, exactly. And the way that At least I can visualize that was oh boy a year, year and a half ago, I made a road trip from Seattle to to Austin, and went through Denver, Colorado to see family and friends and came down through Trinidad and it was hilarious. The number of Texas license plates in Trinidad, Colorado. And

Chuck Mains  5:24 

this Sorry, go ahead. Go ahead.


Harry Brelsford  5:27 

Well, well, and my question is, and I understand that’s not legal to cross the borders now that I’m just I’m reporting the reality of what I saw. But I think you’re gonna see a hotspot with the New Mexico Texas border. Right. I mean, we saw that with Spokane, Washington in the state of Idaho. I mean, if history plays out, what do you think about that?


Chuck Mains  5:48 

Absolutely. I mean, I’ve driven through Trinidad and I, I’ve saw what it was like, I mean, the minute you cross that border, it’s their, their stores left and right. I mean, in tucked into every hillside to Yes, that’s going to be I mean, if you’re going to have Oklahoma and and New Mexico, apple, you know, that’s, that’s, it’s gonna be easy, more easily accessible. And I don’t know, I don’t I don’t think the town of Trinidad is going to be too excited about this.


Harry Brelsford  6:27 

It’s it’s coming. final comment is, is this accelerating faster than you thought it would? Or are I I raise my hand I this this feels like it’s speeding up now.


Chuck Mains  6:41 

It’s just the domino effect in and again, as we’ve stated before, is like you know, when when Colorado Washington state when they started this or or in Oregon, you know, this kind of like it this was this was a little test model and let’s see how it works. And you know, the financial aspects of it have been great and you know, what, another state does it another state does it and it’s going to be you know, states like Texas gotta be looking, being like, yeah,


Harry Brelsford  7:18 

where’s where’s our piece of the pie? At this? At least you know, that’s, that’s, that’s what they should be doing. They should and Texans, God bless Texans, but they love business opportunity. And for that reason alone, personally, I kind of feel the next big dog to go and I have tracked this the the initiative process didn’t make the ballot in Florida did not make the ballot in 2020. In the election, I believe they’re trying to get in 2022 I’m on the record is saying Florida may be the next big dog to go cuz there’s dude, there’s not many big dogs left.


Chuck Mains  8:00 

How many states will be left? I mean, that’s that’s the things like yeah, I see Florida as being probably the next one before Texas.


Harry Brelsford  8:12 

Yeah, yeah. With all due respect. Hey, but it keeps me employed. Look at that. The Great day job that you have my friend. Hey, we’ll talk to you next month. And pretty quickly we’re gonna be able to get together live and I want to have you maybe bring a guest you made mention of at the Texas hemp company. I think that would be a really cool interview to do live. We’re all getting closer to that that day.


Chuck Mains  8:34 

I’m looking forward to it. Harry will set something up maybe out in Dripping Springs at one of the one of the farms out there.


Harry Brelsford  8:42 

That but there you go. All right. Good luck with the remaining of the session. We’ll talk to you. Bye


Chuck Mains  8:47 

Bye. Take care. See ya.