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Although great businesses are built on great products, technology has increasingly become one of the  underlying drivers of success. From inventory management and labeling to point of sales and accounting systems the efficacy of the solutions can either make or break your business. Finding the right tools not only can help you save time and increase efficiency within your business, but also keep you in compliance.  With a wide variety of options and solutions the key is finding the “right” solution for your needs. In the last few years, there have been rapid advances and changes in the Cannabis industry making meeting the stringent compliance rules and regulations a challenge.  We meet up with Nick from Brother to chat about how labels can help you meet compliance standards, and help to track your products. 


Video Transcription


Harry Brelsford  0:03 

Hey 420MSP. It’s another logo podcast. I’m here with Nick at brother. And I’m looking down at a Brother printer. So we’re here to talk about my printer. It’s working well, Wi Fi connected, don’t need product support. What are we here to talk about?


Nick D’Alessio  0:21 

Well, I’m glad I think I think and hope everybody who’s working from home has got a Brother product. But today we’re we’ll be talking about my division of Brother Brother mobile solutions based in the greater Denver area in Colorado, which is the auto ID track and trace division of the company.


Harry Brelsford  0:40  

Okay, cool. So, yeah, what’s your story in the cannabis vertical? I mean, you raised your hand, you said, Hello, we’re playing in the space. So give me some data points.


Nick D’Alessio  0:51 

Yeah. So we’ve been working actively in this vertical now for a number of years. And, you know, just just backing up the larger brother organization. You know, we have a number of divisions. And certainly the the labeling and tracking and tracing part of our business has been growing literally, as as the market expands. You know, we have barcoding and labeling that we’ve been doing for for many, many years. And obviously, with the regulations and the considerations of the cannabis industry, we’ve been working with a number of resellers, software partners, you know, software partners, that resell, that are helping cannabis dispensaries, you know, deliver the product to the customers, we have a number of software partners that are actually on the distribution side that that handle, you know, the the warehousing and or the shipment of the product. And then another little unknown secret is that, you know, we have a gear motor division of brother who basically is into automation and factory processes, and we have Wow, yeah, we actually power a number of the trimming operations in many of the grow houses. So there are a number of trimmers that are powered by brother motor technology. So, so we kind of have it from, you know, on the seed side, as well as the sell side. You know, our group here in Colorado is really focused on you know, driving the retail and enabling that whatever may come.


Harry Brelsford  2:23 

Yeah, no, that’s interesting, because, you know, when you and I had a chat, some time ago, I was kind of explaining what I’m trying to do with the ecosystem chart and keep it relevant. Right. So it there’s a temptation to throw all the logos in the world on it. And, and but then it loses its value. And so I, you know, you and I talked about, we’re looking for organizations that have made a fundamental commitment to the cannabis vertical, you’ve, you’ve done so clearly, you have assigned resources, and you have a track record in that. Are you doing other things? I mean, I’m assuming you’re reading some of the popular journals that MJ Biz said, Have you gone to any of the industry shows? I’m just curious.


Nick D’Alessio  3:07 

Yeah, so obviously, MJ Biz is probably the show for certainly the US markets. And we did in fact, we were quite surprised we attended, I guess, given given our COVID years 2019 before the US we were there we I was there why surprised didn’t get the reception we got there, a lot of people came and met with us had a lot of different activities. We had our gear motor guys with us as well, talking to their you know, the, the the trimming, guys. So yeah, so we we actively participate in that big show. You know, we have other shows up in Canada, we’re actively looking at as well. Since we do cover the lower 48. and Canada, particularly is my territory as well. We are actively working in that arena.


Harry Brelsford  3:59 

Yeah, yeah. No. And it’s it to your point. Yeah, that that was probably one of the last conferences I went to December of 2019. The dates were a little wonky, because it was getting pretty close to family time. But but I went and I enjoyed it. Oh, sure. Be good to get out on the road. You know, we’re predicting q3, we’re starting to see some movement, definitely q4, right q4 is just going to be stopped.


Nick D’Alessio  4:28 

Yeah, yeah. Well, actually, yesterday, in fact, I sat in on a multi hour webinar that was being held to basically review more of, you know, the landscape changes in the US as well as as well as a lot of the personas of the new buyers who are now purchasing. So it was quite enlightening to see kind of where things are going. Obviously, you know, some of the legislation that’s being proposed to enable the financing of cannabis sorts of investment obviously, we’re looking Can you det very closely as well, because that would unlock a lot of opportunity for many of these companies that are technology strapped and need help. You know, delivering in, we think we can provide that to them.


Harry Brelsford  5:12 

Yeah. Yeah, there we go. Well, sir, we’re gonna check in with you down the road again and see how you’re doing. But Welcome to the logo chart.


Nick D’Alessio  5:21 

Thanks. I appreciate it. Looking forward to working with you on the future.


Harry Brelsford  5:24 

All right, Nick.