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While cannabis is still considered a controlled substance at the federal level, more and more states are legalizing the use of Cannabis.  With new states on boarding the use of Cannabis the cannabis industry is rapidly transforming into are regular business.  Although the cannabis industry is becoming more mainstream the government still has strict regulations and requirements businesses must abide by.  From sourcing and labeling to tracking and traceability the government has a strict set of guidelines that without your compliance you will be shut down.  We meet with Paul and Mary of Specialty Tag & Label, Inc to chat about the importance of labeling. 


Video Transcription:

Harry Brelsford  0:07 

Hey, hey 420MSP back with another logo on the Canntech. ecosystem stack. I love interviewing logos. So I’m here with Mary & Paul from Specialty Tag and Label. Good day. How you doing? Good morning. Yeah. All right. And you’re located, as I recall, in our rehearsal, in a state that is not cannabis legal, is that correct?


Mary & Paul  0:36 

Right. So of course hemp is legal and CBD is legal in all states. But unfortunately, we have a very limited medical right now here in Georgia. And they’re just trying to pass the regulations that the committee is going to require for the labeling of the cannabis for medical use here in Georgia. So all of that is still trying to be hashed out in committee.


Harry Brelsford  1:03 

Yeah, yeah. No, it’s it’s happening quick. So both of you, What’s your story? What do you guys do other than it’s in the name, Specialty Tag and Label, but I know there’s a lot more to it.


Mary & Paul  1:15 

Right? Well, we started out strictly in the horticulture, arena selling to farmers to grow trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials. And we’ve done that for successfully, luckily, for 22 years. Okay. And so 97, some might be outside of here, there. But we started looking at the cannabis industry, because it’s a perfect lateral move for that mean, at the end of the day, they’re all farmers. Yeah. And greenhouse growers, and whatnot. So they all need identification solutions. So we’ve grown the business on the nursery side, but we’re expanding into the new vertical of cannabis and health.


Yeah, we feel like we’re a good fit for that we’re, you know, there’s lots of regulations and requirements for the labeling and the tagging, and the tracking and the tracing of all these plants. And so we’re just here to help farmers do that.


Harry Brelsford  2:26 

Well, and you raise a valid point that it’s harder than it looks. I, I would, you know, just my lay person view. I have a dymo printer over here for the occasional pieces of mail i sin. Let you know, I love labeling, right? If I’ve got the tab a little funds, I’ve got the little brother labler rights, they can label files, and you know, where the kitchen were stored and what cabinet I mean, it’s kind of cool. If you get a labeler you actually start doing it. Right. And so it’s really cool. But I realize your your marketplace is far more sophisticated than I’m labeling, you know, the financial results for the month of May 2021. file. And you were hitting on it with the compliance and regulations. So you have to stay current with what the heck is going on. And this is a multiple states, right?


Mary & Paul  3:22 

Oh, absolutely. Right. So our printers are able to print on really heavy plastic. Some of that can print 23 mil plastic, which is pretty thick plastic. And of course, it’s all weatherproof, waterproof. So of course it’s not when you water the plant, you’re not going to get it washed off. And of course, if it’s in the sun, it’s not going to be a thermal situation where the whole thing turns out to be black with your little printer there. If you put it out in the sun, your whole labels gonna be wet. Yeah,


Harry Brelsford  3:50 

yeah. And just to be clear, I’m your I get the grow level. But you’re also playing in the middle of the supply chain with processors and manufacturers and then the end of the supply chain with the dispensary is it and retail Is that correct?


Mary & Paul  4:05 

Absolutely. Yeah, the whole way through whether it’s the green, if it’s grown in the green, the house the field, we even have labs that do our testing. They are using our printers and labels. So we’re in that field as well. But yes, all the way through. We’re tracking it from seed to sale with the both the tag and then we’ve partnered with our break tag for the RFID software solution, our RFID tags with their software and that’s really helpful for a lot of parts of this entire industry.


Harry Brelsford  4:40 

Yeah, cool. Well, I’ll tell you what, stay in touch Best of luck to you. And maybe we’ll see at one of the industry trade shows I’ll throw one out I will certainly be is that Retail Now the RSPA event basically late July. Well, I see you there


Mary & Paul  4:57 

I am. We are a member of that organization. I think we’re otherwise committed to other shows. We will be at lucky leave. And a few other shows coming up. I’m so glad trade shows are back.


Harry Brelsford  5:09 

Yeah. Yeah, it’s great. Yeah, that’s why I’m celebrating my, my Yeah. Why? Republic sure, but looks like a why. Alright, have a great day. Thank you very much.


Mary & Paul  5:22 

Thanks so much.