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With a captive audience of users forced to stay home during the pandemic, many brands turned to social media to help spread the word about their products. With a wide variety of platforms that draw different audiences, and have different uses many wonder where to invest their energy and marketing dollars. We sit down with Katriana Zommers to break down the differences of TikTok and Clubhouse.

Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford 5:47
Yeah, that is, well let’s move on to tick tock but I want to I want to do a kind of a silly thing. I’m gonna do a little quick Tik Tok video. So watch, watch what happens I shifted my camera to a high end Fisheye Camera for the zoom meetings and online meetings from just the laptop camera. And the other day, I was on a phone call with my son helping him with his job search. And I had to reach up to my laptop and watch what happens. But the fisheye lens creates the the impression of one of those, you know, animated cartoon superheroes, right that can extend there are the Avengers or whoever they are. So now that I’ve made a little Tik Tok video, maybe I really well what’s up what’s up with Tik Tok?

Katriana Zommers 6:36
So Tik Tok is completely different than clubhouse in that that tic tocs focus is actually short form video. So between 15 to 60 seconds of video is kind of the ideal, and um, and actually people are finding that Tik Tok consumers. So you go to Instagram you go to you go to Facebook, that kind of thing, but you watch Tik Tok like people actually say I’m going to watch Tik Tok and study statistics have shown that consumers especially in the millennial and Gen Z age, consume up to a movies worth of Tik Tok content a day so, it’s actually really really like people are spending time on Tik Tok like actually as a long form as a as a long time like social media platform to choose. Within the cannabis industry how that’s affected is um, so there are some there are a little more regulations on Tik Tok, especially because their excuse tends to skew younger you know, you do end up having younger people on Tik Tok. That being said, there are some like, for example, changing spelling. So if you instead of saying hashtag cannabis or something like that, using hashtag plant emoji, that’s a way to get your Tik Tok seen about the cannabis industry and getting around kind of the terms of service or instead of saying hashtag we’d w e d. m, they spell it on Tik Tok hashtag o u ID we like, like we as in French, but we’d so so it’s interesting. It’s interesting how it’s actually changed almost like a linguistics and also like semantics of different things. So that’s been interesting. And I’ve seen in the industry, cannabis wise people are utilizing Tik Tok mostly to be either entertaining or educational. And those are kind of like the two the two spheres. So clubhouse again, you’re going to be kind of an authority on the on the business. Tik Tok, again, you’re going to be an authority on the business but with a little bit of a you know, kind of funky twist. So so you kind of you really have to be attention grabbing and entertaining in order to make it on Tik Tok and so people are coming up with a ton of off the wall ways to promote their business, especially on Tik Tok as

Harry Brelsford 8:59
well. Now, is it only a mobile application or is it a desktop application because I might make that movie but this would be on my desktop and I’d have to get it to my phone I’m assuming to get it up to Tik Tok right.

Katriana Zommers 9:11
So Tik Tok video creation studio is mobile only I believe you can view Tik Tok on desktop I myself have viewed tic tocs on desktop but you can’t really like the functionality is kind of its kind of nerfed if you if you are utilizing Tik Tok on dex desktop so definitely download the app if you if you are planning on utilizing Tik Tok especially its creation studio, the creation studio is super super comprehensive.

Harry Brelsford 9:37
And just to be clear, because the phone is not going to capture that fisheye effect I’d have to actually have this camera on and tape it to an mp4 with the studio tool can I upload? Yeah, okay, cuz I can get it to my phones. Yeah, okay. Hey, final question. Cuz in the end, I mean the seriously but um, You know, Instagram is can be goofy. I mean, we’ve had the talk about Instagram and I’m, I’m on it with, you know, my bike ride photos and all that. But, you know, there’s this, what’s the right word? I’m looking for this trolling aspect of, you know, I’m old dude. And you have these people who follow you who are young ladies, and it doesn’t make sense. And I’m not even sure they’re ladies. Okay, you’re not I mean, there’s, there’s something weird going on there because that’s, that’s not a natural flow, right in terms of my circle of friends. And then sometimes the Instagram photos get. It’s part of that process. And again, I’m being serious, but a little bit racy, you know, little, little, little, I’m focused on business First, I’ll just leave it at that. And and so my question is, is Tik Tok have content restrictions in terms of adult content and naughty stuff? I know, it’s not part of today’s interview. I’m just curious.

Katriana Zommers 10:57
For sure. So Tik Tok, I believe, you know, for the most part, it doesn’t necessarily have like censorship, but its algorithm is such that you can kind of tell your age range, and also what content you find yourself scrolling through Tik Tok algorithm, I want to know the secret the jungle juice in Tik Tok algorithm because somehow, like it just it happens to know exactly your demographic, exactly who you are, it really tailors the experience to you. So for example, I’m, I’m part of, I’m part of a bunch of different Tik Tok spirituality,Tik Tok music, tick tock, Cannabis,Tik Tok these types of things, you know. And then there are of course, people who are on like, funny dance, Tik Tok, you know, other other things like that. And I don’t see any of that type of Tik Tok, I only see you know, my little world of Tik Tok . So it really is a curated algorithmic experience where people can kind of begin to tell, like, tick tock can almost tell your sense of humor from there if that makes any sense. Yeah, Yeah, it does. And

Harry Brelsford 12:00
the reason I bring up this topic is like, you know, my primary platform today as I sit here, my new gamer chair By the way, really comfortable but LinkedIn, LinkedIn is number one for me as I’m, as I do what I do in business followed by Facebook, Instagram is maybe once in a blue moon a business post, but it’s more my the food I cook in the bikes I ride. And the point is, is I want to see these other platforms stay around and if if they take a right angle and don’t behave, for lack of a better word, it’s just it’s not a legitimate use of my time. You know what I’m trying to say? It’s just I view these foremost as business and I hope that I hope that they stick around I’ll just leave it at that. So Alright, Kat Well, we’re gonna see you next month and you know what we’re going to review we just published and let’s take some time to think about this but we’re gonna review the Canna tech influencers list for 2021 that for 420MSP just put out and we’ll have that top because that’s that’s in your clubhouse as they say. All right. Take care.

Katriana Zommers 13:18
Thank you. Thank you.