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In July,  Illinois held the first of three lotteries for new recreational Marijuana dispensary licenses in 2021.  This lottery comes more than a year after it was suppose to award new dispensary licenses, after being held up by covid, and litigation.  Out of the 589 applicants 55 winners were chosen.    Although these winners have there license it is undetermined when they can start operating.  We meet up with Jim Remke as he shares the new developments in Illinois. 

Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  0:09 

Hey 420 MSP Harry here on the road, but I caught up. We’re catching up with my good friend Jim Remke out of the Chicago land area. How you doing, Jim?

Jim Remke  0:21 

I’m doing good here. How are you?

Harry Brelsford  0:23 

 Good, good. Yeah, it’s starting to get busy again. So, hey, it’s been a little while since we talked what so what’s news? What’s going on in your world? What’s going on in Illinois? what’s what’s happening?

Jim Remke  0:33 

Yeah, yeah, things overall are going well, in regards to the cannabis industry, we’re making some headway in there, we’re starting to work with more end users and establishing some more partnerships with all sorts of different companies, maybe their software, maybe their network, specialists or it, you know, maintenance providers. And yeah, just kind of get more inroads there. One of the things that has been pretty successful for us, in some regards, is just helping people identify the correct hardware solution. Sometimes you’d be surprised, there’s actually some, some companies that have recommended hardware solutions on their sites for certain software, and he be surprised to find out that a lot of those aren’t necessarily integrated properly. So we’ll actually run through some troubleshooting and do some remote, you know, remote kind of loads are what’s the right word to say, just testing labbing, you know, evaluating different equipment and stuff like that hooked up with different terminals and stuff to make sure that people are getting their equipment, right. And they’re not having to put it in two or three times. You know, so that’s kind of where we’re seeing some success right now. And yeah, just keep keep plugging away. Yeah.

Harry Brelsford  1:55 

Any updates on the state of Illinois? You know, now cheese two years ago, literally two years ago voted to legalize recreational as I recall. What what’s any, any developments? Are you seeing the permits were allowed or the dispensaries opening? what’s what’s going on in your home state?

Jim Remke  2:16 

Yeah, the house in the Senate and the state, put the bill to the governor, and he finally signed it. Well, maybe a couple of weeks ago, or a week ago or so. And so they’re going forward with licenses for over 200 craft grows infusers and transporters. And then they’re also announced lottery dates for the dispensaries. There’s three different dates. I think the first one is July 29, where they’ll award 55 licenses, and then now you’re going to do two more ladders after that. But yeah, things seem to be moving forward. For the most part. I did read one thing yesterday that said something about now, some group in Michigan is trying to halt the process, again, saying that it excludes out of state applicants, which is against the federal interstate trade commerce act or something. So I don’t know. Hopefully, it moves forward. But I’m I don’t know what to expect.

Harry Brelsford  3:11 

Yeah, yeah. No, it’s, it’s all a mystery, but it is accelerating. We appreciate the update. We’ll, we’ll we’ll circle back to you soon. And check in and see how it’s going. But congratulations on for growth.

Jim Remke  3:26 

Yeah, thank you very much.

Harry Brelsford  3:27 

Good to talk with you here.

Jim Remke  3:29 

All righty. Bye bye.