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Cannabis business is booming and with over half of the United States  already legalizing cannabis in some form, it is hard to stay in the know.  Between confusing laws and regulations, to steep taxes, and many other hoops to jump through many people do not event know where to start.  That is why we meet up with Geoffrey Beaty who shares his top advice on the industry, events, and how he stays up to date.

Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  0:06 

Hey 420MSP we continue marching down the road of identifying and speaking with Cannatech influencers and so I’m with a well known one who’s very active up in social media. We don’t even have to check off on that one. Geoffrey Beaty How you doing today?

Geoffrey Beaty  0:24 

Good. Thanks for having me Harry.  Good to see you

Harry Brelsford  0:27 

So, Quantumleaf quickly, what is Quantumleaf? And then I want to ask you a couple questions as an influencer.

Geoffrey Beaty  0:36 

Yeah, absolutely. So Quantumleaf we are a full you know, seed to sale which has been a little bit overused but we’re a full plant Lifecycle Management manufacturing processing distribution solution that runs on a world class ERP on the back end. A lot of people in the cannabis industry don’t really understand what a true ERP is. And there’s a lot of products out there that tout the the ERP stance of it, but we’re a true ERp. Right, everything’s native to the solution is kind of the what we’ve been saying. You know, native financials, native manufacturing, native processing, Job Costing, all the kind of stuff that you would typically see multiple disparate solutions being integrated together with but but everything’s native out of the box. So I’ve talked to people weekly, and they tell me that there’s not a complete solution out there for the industry. And it hits me in the head and pains my heart when I hear people say that, so we’re trying to get the message out that we do have a complete solution. And that’s, and that’s based, basically what Quantumleaf does. And we look to partner with our with our customers, clients, right? We kind of call them partners, we’re not looking at a transactional mindset, where we’re trying to throw as many logos on our website, we’re really looking to partner with people and make the cannabis industry from a technology standpoint, to have it supported to help it to continue to grow and become you know, the legitimate business that is but helping to get into that mainstream environment.

Harry Brelsford  2:10 

All right, so as a leading cannabis technology influencer, what events do you attend? And again, assuming all the events are coming back? Yeah,

Geoffrey Beaty  2:22 

yeah, we had our first event. Acumatica, being one of our partners, we were there in Vegas two weeks ago, which was great to get out and see people moving forward, we attend the the larger shows. So we’re going to be at MJBiz and October in Vegas, we’re very excited about that, we’ll have a pretty large presence, they’re really just looking to talk to other people in the industry understand, kind of where their pain points are, what they’re looking to accomplish over the next year. And the great thing for us is, when we go to events such as MJBiz, essentially everyone in there is a customer or a potential partner that we can work with. Because we work with ancillary, we work with direct operators, right? We work with all kinds of people there. So it’s really great to have that ecosystem and really understand what they’re doing. The second show that we’ll attend this year, is the NCIA show in San Francisco in December. So we’re okay.

Harry Brelsford  3:20 

When that was when we write that down. Yes, sir. I’ll look it up.

Geoffrey Beaty  3:24 

Yep, yep. It’s it’s in December in San Francisco, you know, fingers crossed, like you said that we can get into San Francisco or maybe get out of San Francisco to pay on what the situation is. But we’re excited about going to that as well as supporting the NCIA. We’ve been a member with them for four years and so we definitely want to support their organization in what they’re doing.

Harry Brelsford  3:44 

Yeah. And so that that gets me to my next influencer topic about trade groups and associations. You belong to the national cannabis site in CIA. I’ve certainly seen and heard of it. Um, what what what what do they do? Just trade trade association one on one.

Geoffrey Beaty  4:03 

Yeah, trade association. 101. They try to bring like minded individuals together to help push the cannabis legalization in the United States. They do a lot of education. They work with state governments as far as lobbying to get them on board and really trying to reverse the stigma that you know, that’s been set from from years ago, the war on drugs unfortunately, trying to reverse that stigma that not everyone’s looking to be, you know, a stoner sitting on a couch eating pizza right all day that there’s many people out there that consume cannabis for medical reasons and that are actually highly effective in what they do. And cannabis actually helps supplement either their lifestyle or or helps them deal with day to day. Issues like anxiety and such that people may not understand that the plant can truly help so they’re really pushing and eliminating that stigma, right that schedule one stigma that’s out there to help really kind of help not, I don’t want to say legitimatize the the the plant or the industry, but there’s a little bit to that, right. There’s some some things to overcome, and they’re doing a great job going down that path.

Harry Brelsford  5:16 

Alright. And finally, tell me, you know, maybe 123 blogs or journals that you read in the industry getting people want to know where where you go.

Geoffrey Beaty  5:25 

Yeah, no, that’s a great question. Obviously, for 420MSP, I look at all the stuff that you do, we were talking earlier, kind of the videos you put out such as this are always informative, you have a pretty vast group there that you work with. But also, you know, cannabis industry journal, look at that one. There’s also you know, MJBiz daily has a lot of information out. And there’s and then, you know, there’s hemp industry news, because we also do deal with customers as well. So we try to stay involved there. And there’s cannabis dotnet. So there’s, there’s probably four or five that I’ve subscribed to, that I get information from on a, if not a weekly basis, definitely a biweekly basis to stay abreast of the situation going on. So it’s, those are kind of the top ones that I look at. And I’m really, again, we try to get a lot of information and stay on top of the industry directly with our with our partners, which are which our customers to really understand what they’re doing, because they have the feet on the ground. And they are invaluable from a relationship standpoint. Yeah,

Harry Brelsford  6:37 

I agree. I’ll give you an example. Last week, so this would have been late July, for folks kind of listening. But I went to retail now. So the retail solution provider Association, rspa, has their annual conferences, quite quite well done in Nashville, Tennessee, and was fortunate enough to lead a couple panels on the Cannnatech area, because you know, the point of sale bars are very interested in the end of the supply chain right with the dispensaries. And but But to your point, Geoff, I’m an analyst. And you know, I’m doing ecosystem charts and workflow diagrams and that kind of thing. But there’s nothing like talking to the people that carry the bag. You know, the the fellows that have the toolbox, and the parts, and they’re there. They’re walking the floor, and I just love it, because there’s only so many hours in the day. I can’t do it all.

Geoffrey Beaty  7:33 

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It’s it really is invaluable and really understanding the, you know, kind of the culture around the industry. There’s, you know, there’s, there’s legacy than there’s new people entering. And it’s really a unique industry in the fact that a lot of people will open welcome with open arms. And if you’re willing to do the work and you’re willing to put the effort in. It’s It’s a fantastic industry to get involved with. So so we definitely appreciate all the people we work with, including yourself.

Harry Brelsford  8:04 

All right. Well, thank you. And Sir, I will see you. This is cool. Our next quarterly briefing for q4 I’ll actually see you in person at mjbizcon. So let’s carve out a few minutes to do our quarterly briefing out live.

Geoffrey Beaty 8:21 

Yeah, that’d be fantastic. We’ll come by the booth and and have a chat. I would love that.

Harry Brelsford  8:26 

Alrighty. All right. Thanks, Geoff.

Geoffrey Beaty

Thanks, Harry. Have a great day.