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Technology advancements are having a huge impact on business operations.  From security systems, and business metrics and analytics to ordering and delivery from the comfort of your phone, customers are looking for seamless interactions with businesses.    With most people spending a large portion of their day on the internet technology is playing a huge role in businesses of all kinds.    We meet with John Bachanov of Appspensary  who shares his thoughts on online ordering platform and how it can allow your customers to shop your active inventory, communicate with you, and see deals without ever entering your store.


Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  0:07

Hey, hey 420MSP. We’re just marching through all the logos and influencers in the industry and with John over at Appspensary How you doing?

John Bachanov  0:17

Doing good doing good. How about yourself?

Harry Brelsford  0:20

Doing good, doing good. I understand you’re coming to us from a hotel room and is it Phoenix that you’re indirectly? I’m in Scottsdale, Scottsdale. even nicer, even nicer, but probably good. You’re indoors. The heatwave is a real thing down there right now.

John Bachanov  0:37

Yeah, I think there’s like 110 degrees. Down. pretty warm.

Harry Brelsford  0:43

Yeah, good, Lord. Well, sir,it’s it’s pretty straightforward. I have two or three questions. And so the first one would be basically what’s what’s your background? And what’s the story with your company with your logo

John Bachanov  0:56

Yeah. So a company’s Appspensary. I guess I started my professional career as a baseball player, right out of high school, the tail end of my baseball career, we started decided to go and go back to college and get a degree in or at least try to get a degree in mobile app development. Okay, and met my partner in class. And we created the company and, you know, we kind of just been building off of that, but you know, just kind of just taking it one step at a time putting in one piece at a time.

Harry Brelsford  1:33

And what is your solutions? What What, what is the product stack? What What do you do?

John Bachanov  1:39

Yeah, so essentially, we enable dispensaries to have an online presence. So they’ll have their own app that lives on the, the consumers homescreen that where the, you know, the consumer can order online, that they can, you know, view the active inventory, order online and pay online with our cashless system through through hyper. In some states that enabled delivery, they can essentially have the the order come right to their front door.

Harry Brelsford  2:05

Yeah, very interesting. Hi. And then, is there a messaging feature in your app? And the reason I ask is, it wasn’t too long ago that Twilio that was handling some some messaging functionality withdrew from the cannabis market. So is this a way for the dispensary to communicate with their clients about a special deal?

John Bachanov  2:27

Yeah, so there’s, there’s different ways that you can, you can message people out, you can do an email, SMS to kind of have the link come through the text message? Or essentially, you know, where would you know where we are strong points are is when the link comes through via text message, and the cannabis consumer can click on that link, and it enrolls them right into the platform. And you know, the daily specials very highly visible. So the cannabis consumer, it’s very simple. It’s a couple clicks away, or, you know, they go on, they click the daily special login, Bada, boom, Bada bing, it’s pretty simple. And it’s very, very valuable to have the, the, you know, the cashless system where they, they’re paying that order.

Harry Brelsford  3:12

Yeah. And, you know, tell us a little bit about your, your geography? I mean, are you in most of the legal states, all the legal states? And, you know, just kind of curious what your landscape is?

John Bachanov  3:23

Yeah, we’re primarily focused on the east coast. Um, you know, we’re trying to do a lot of things with the social equity applicants, you know, there’s a lot, a lot of new, new stuff rolling out on that side of the house. But you know, right now are solely focused on metric states, and kind of let our partners dictate where they want to sell into as well. So it’s one of our partners who wants to sell into an area. Yeah, so essentially, you know, dependent on our partner partner program, you know, where they want to sell into, you know, that they’ll, they’ll dictate that But for us, we’re primarily focused on the east coast and into metric states.

Harry Brelsford  4:41

Yep, that makes sense. two last questions and totally appreciate your time. I know you’re busy. So what is because you’re you’re a logo, you’re an influencer? What, what publications do you read? Do you have one or two magazines that come to mind are publications in the industry.

John Bachanov  5:00

Yeah, so I mean, I’ll read BenZinga, a lot of people’s, you know, just LinkedIn feeds really strong feed. Um, you know, anything cannabis, there’s a lot of vocal people out there that kind of, you know, let everybody know what’s happening in the industry. This guy, just kind of keeping tabs on everybody and, you know, kind of keep an eye out to see what’s new, or kind of, you know, deciphering certain information to move in one direction.

Harry Brelsford  5:28

Okay. And then the final question is, give me you know, three or four events in the cannabis industry that you’ve gone to or intend to go to. So where can people find you realistically in the industry?

John Bachanov  5:40

Right, yeah. And the industry? Um, we haven’t, you know, rolled out what cannabis events we’re going to go to just yet. Where we have it on the radar, that’s for sure. All right, well, cool.

Harry Brelsford  5:55

Well, thanks for your time. John

John Bachanov  5:57

absolutely have a good one