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Networking is extremely important in business.  Whether you are breaking into a new industry or a long term member,  relationships and networking have proven to be invaluable.  There are many different ways to build relationships with in the industry from meetups and happy hours, to conferences.  Although, these events are quite different they share some of the key networking aspects many business leaders are looking for.  We meet up with Colton Griffin, who is one of the top cannatech influencers, as he shares his thoughts on events, and who he follows in the industry. 

Video Translation

Harry Brelsford  0:05 

Hey 420MSP Harry here and I’m with another one of our influencers. So Colton Griffin over at Flourish Software. How you doing?

Colton Griffin  0:13 

Doing well, thanks for having me.

Harry Brelsford  0:15 

You’re welcome. Well, hey, congratulations, you made the cut for being one of the top 200 cannabis technology influencers as recognized by marijuana venture magazine, out of Seattle. So, first of all, make sure you your frame that you frame that list in the office. Tell me about yourself. I mean, what’s, what’s the short story in your background? Have you worked in other industries? And now you’re in cannatech?

Colton Griffin  0:45 

Yeah, my whole career has been an intersection of supply chain software, industrial engineering, operations and data analytics started out big software company went in house, huge, multinational conglomerate, built out a lot of systems and then stood up my own business and then rolled that into here. So it’s been been a pretty cool career so far.

Harry Brelsford  1:08  

Yeah. Yeah, no, absolutely. Follow the growth and flourish. Flourish Software briefly, what’s the elevator pitch? What do you do?

Colton Griffin  1:19 

help our customers manage all their inventory and sells ultimately keep up and grow and scale their businesses. So we service cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and retail point of sale for both cannabis and hemp work in about 17 states across the country, with customers from, you know, five person shops to 1000 plus person, multi state operators. And our goal is to help people run the day to day, smoother, faster and more efficiently. hit those growth numbers with a little bit of sanity. And, you know, ultimately stay compliant while we’re doing it all.

Harry Brelsford  1:52 

All right, hey, that’s the best one I’ve heard. That’s, you got that one. Now? I’d like to ask our influencers three questions. And this would be a forward looking statement for obvious reasons. But what shows could could we anticipate seeing you out? Where can people meet you moving forward as you sit here today,

Colton Griffin  2:13 

come out of the corn corn quarantine COVID year, I’ll probably make an appearance in mjbiz. Hopefully, there’s gonna be some I’m in Los Angeles, hopefully, there’s gonna be some local happy hours and events, if not, I might have throw on. So get on our mailing list, and we’ll go right now. And, you know, I know some of the team might be up at your haul flowers or Meadowlands in California. And then I’m looking forward to more of the regional events as well, like I pop in in Boston or Detroit or, you know, somewhere that are in Arizona, where, you know, we can meet, you know, the more local trade associations and local happy hour type meetups versus the big conferences.

Harry Brelsford  2:55 

No, that’s that’s actually a really valid point. As I’ve been doing my own research in this industry. There are the smaller targeted shows and by the way, in my first career in tech, I actually agree with you i like targeted shows. Versus COMDEX if you were you know if you will, but Southern Hemp Convention or something, have you heard Yeah, there’s,

Colton Griffin  3:19 

yeah, we I was there one of our Yeah, one of our folks was there. Yeah. It was good, I think. Yeah,

Harry Brelsford  3:25 

yeah. Yeah, exactly. Okay, next question. What do you read either magazine or blogs rattle off a couple of sources of information that you’d like to follow. Local blogs.

Colton Griffin  3:38 

I read. Via substack di Truong. He has one that’s pretty cool. covering some highlights and events. Same with the matter, Brian 4pm. dig that. Love Business Insider. They do good coverage, the weekly round up like your guys’s magazine and Jay does as well. And I usually catch the bottom of Politico or the California update. They have some neat, some neat content sometimes as well. So I don’t know I feel like I’m about 500 different email lists and pick and choose whatever’s in my inbox, but those are the ones that read more regularly.

Harry Brelsford  4:15 

Yeah, yeah. Cool. Final question, trade associations, or do you participate in one or two trade groups that were members of the National cannabis industry association,

Colton Griffin  4:26 

so making sure we’re trying to pay your dues at the national level. We’re also part of the CCI California, local chapter there and part of the humble local one in Humboldt County, trying to understand how to make that market successful and propagate through this whole legalization journey. Then we do some stuff then in Michigan and Arizona as well. Um, and, you know, we’re not a member we try to participate on ad hoc events. There’s a lot of a lot of ground to cover across the country.

Harry Brelsford  5:00 

Yeah, absolutely. Well again, congratulations. I know you’re busy. Continued success. Thanks Colton.

Colton Griffin  5:07 

Awesome. Thanks so much for having me.