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With technology moving so quickly, it is important to make sure your customers businesses have the right technology pieces in place.  A Point of Sales system or POS is one of the most critical pieces in the operational puzzle.  This system provides retailers a all-in-one solution to a multitude of everyday issues.  We meet with Brad Harris who shares with us a proven POS System that has been integrated to comply with  the various state regulations and all the needs of a dispensary or vertical operation in the cannabis industry.


Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  0:06 

Hey 420MSP Harry here and I’m talking to my good friend Brad Harris, What’s the name of your firm again? Yeah, CounterPoint POS, Counterpoint POS got it, my friend. All right, well, hey, let’s get back on the straight narrow track here. So congratulations, Marijuana Venture Magazine picked you as one of the leading Cannatech influencers. And so we can talk about that. But first, let’s talk about you a little bit about your background, and how did you end up where you’re at today.


Brad Harris  0:39 

So thanks, very appreciate the time and the invite. So my background was 20 years in hospitality technology. But in the middle of that I had a little stint as a partner with a cannabis dispensary. And so it really got me intrigued by the industry, I really loved that part of the industry. And so when COVID hit a year and a half ago, you know, it was a it was a great time to explore new options, and there was a an opportunity there to move to the CounterPoint team, and and take on a product that I foresee, you know, major growth in in the next, you know, 10 15 years.


Harry Brelsford  1:14 

Yeah, absolutely. So what’s the secret sauce? In your product stack? What What, what what does the company do? What do you do with them and that kind of thing.


Brad Harris  1:22 

So we’re a value added reseller for for NCR National Cash Register, 135 year old multinational company. And we took a proven retail product, the CannaPoint product, something that’s been in the market for 30 years, you know, used in 17,000 plus sites every day. And we kind of did the opposite of what a lot of our competition has done, which was create cannabis, cannabis specific products first, and then move towards adding all the feature set that they found out quickly they need in a retail environment, or grow environment or processing environment. So we kind of took a different approach, we started with a proven retail product. And we just added the necessary parts and pieces that we needed to get the CannaPoint product to comply with all the various state regulations and all the needs of a, you know, a dispensary or vertical operation in the cannabis industry. So we’re super excited to have a product that envelops so many different pieces and parts of what everybody needs to run their operations in a single package and produce it that way rather than having to go out and have one of these one of those one of those and add them all together to get what you might need to to be successful. Yeah,


Harry Brelsford  2:33 

yeah, no, this sounds like a much more of an effort than just re skinning a popular CRM package and calling it a cannabis CRM solution, you’ve done some real integration work.


Brad Harris  2:44 

Absolutely. And when we do truly right right into the product, we’re a sequel based product is very customizable. So having that ability to go in and add to the product, it does not look like it’s been bolted in or bolted on. It is truly a part of the actual, you know, product that you see if you were to purchase just Cannapoint by itself. We’ve we’ve made it so it’s seamless. And so when people get into it, especially professionals that are jumping into this industry now that it’s starting to mature, they have a lot of the needs and wants, that, that when we can provide them when they when they start finding out we can do some of these, these things. They’re they’re quite amazed a lot of the times


Harry Brelsford  3:25 

Yep. Final question as an influencer, the audience that’s always interested in maybe what shows you attend either as a sponsor and attendee and then what, maybe one or two blogs or magazine to track in the industry and then if you’re in any of the trade groups, because that to me, is what makes an influencer right that you’re pretty active out there. So any any thoughts on that?


Brad Harris  3:46 

Yeah, I mean, we’re, we love to go to shows. It’s great place to get a face to face with folks. You know, we just came back from Canna con in Detroit. We also are you know, we’re part of the green nursery industry as well obviously with our ties in the cannabis side. And so we went to cultivate 21 where they they really did a lot about how on this particular show, and we’re really looking forward to the upcoming mjbizcon yeah Bartek Yeah, ready to get back to Vegas. It’s going to be huge. It’s going to be great. So really excited about all that and of course you know, we’re part of some of the major trade organizations out there the the national cannabis industry association we’re part of those guys and and you know, all all providing great information for for people like us that are trying to work within the industry.


Harry Brelsford  4:37 

You know, we need to do and I’ll end on this is I’m certainly going to mjbizcon and I like it it’s a must do you know, it’s like COMDEX. We should, you know, Brad, we should maybe with the other influencers, I’ll put up the word like, hey, do you guys want to meet on Tuesday night before the thing kicks off? You know, do you want to meet across the street at The pool or the bar, whatever. I mean, wouldn’t it be cool to have a little meetup, absolutely love to meet the other


Brad Harris  5:05 

folks in the business that are really pushing to push people in the business to get to be successful and to get out there and really, you know, do what they can to increase the visibility of this business, the viability and the professionalism. Yeah. I loved it love to meet those folks.


Harry Brelsford  5:21 

Well, there’s a little bit of truth to my words, because I’ve been a couple times to mjbizcon, then of course, it had to pause. But I didn’t find the show to be stacked with evening events, like my traditional technology industry. You know, in my past life, there’d be like six major party, you know, your IBM, your Lenovo, your HP or Dell put up the word, everybody, welcome. Maybe I’m in the wrong crowd. But I wasn’t seeing as much of that I found myself at the fundraiser for veterans, which I was happy to buy the ticket and go, of course, but it wasn’t like, you know what I’m trying to say you go to a COMDEX or you go to the other events, and it’s just parties everywhere in the tech industry,


Brad Harris  6:05 

all about networking. You know, and I’m with you on that. I’d love to see more networking events where we can, you know, glean information from one another that might help us.


Harry Brelsford  6:14 

Yeah. All right, Brad. We’ll see in a couple months down at mjbizcon. Thank you, sir.


Brad Harris  6:18 

Looking forward to thanks for your time, Harry.


Harry Brelsford  6:21 

 All right.