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In the last year the ecommerce industry has shown record highs.  Although this industry is booming, simply having an online store does not mean you will automatically generate sales.  You need a marketing plan to acquire customers, and more importantly drive interest.  One platform that has a proven track record to drive sales is Instagram.   With the rise in online use for both personal and entertainment Instagram has taken a look in the mirror and decided to moving away from its image sharing rooms and pushing video content.  With this new shift we meet up with marketing guru Katriana Zommers who share he knowledge on Instagram and why you should be jumping on board to share videos. 

Video Transcriptions

Harry Brelsford  0:05 

Hi, ho 420MSP back with Kat Zommers. Kat. Are you still in the New York City area?

Katriana Zommers  0:13 

I am in the New York City area just gearing up for some more. Hopefully COVID Safe travels so. So I’m here for a hot second and then I’m then I’m off to off to new and better places.

Harry Brelsford  0:25 

All right, well, hey, let’s just get let’s get after it. video content goes.

Katriana Zommers  0:30 

Absolutely. So I wanted to discuss today, some of the big differences on Instagram that you can see as far as video goes, especially for cannabis marketing businesses. Instagram recently announced that they no longer wanted to be considered a photo sharing platform, which means they’re probably migrating more towards video based content such as igtv. In feed videos, and reels, the reason why you need to understand the differences is so that you can leverage these different types of video content for your business. And understand what type of video is going to be most performance on the different types of video services that Instagram offers within the application.

Harry Brelsford  1:11 

Interesting, interesting now, I get that in a talk to me about some of the quote unquote restrictions on the word cannabis and other euphemisms. You know, it spans the whole advertising field. How does that play into that? I mean, do you get your hand slapped if you hold up a plant?

Katriana Zommers  1:31 

Absolutely. So so a lot of people who have been utilizing Instagram reels, um, you know, of course, when you’re posting on Instagram, you have to write for educational and entertainment purposes only. I mean, that’s that’s old news, right? A lot of the ways that people can also get around. For example, hashtag SEO is utilizing euphemisms for cannabis, for example, we spelled o u ID, or, or like the little leaf emoji, that’s a really great way to get yourself discovered. But the thing is, for example, Instagram reels, you don’t necessarily even need to be utilizing hashtags, because Instagram reels is being like, you can use hashtags, and you should be using hashtags. But people are Instagram, the algorithm is rewarding, real so much that I’ve seen people get 70k views in 24 hours with 400 followers on one Instagram real. So Instagram, and and these, these are silly little reels, you know, it’s a picture of like birds flying around, or things like that. And so leveraging the beauty and the aesthetic of cannabis, and also use utilizing it as an educational resource or an entertaining resource is a really great opportunity to connect with your audience and also and also get a wider reach, and more bang for your buck on Instagram in particular.

Harry Brelsford  2:56 

Interesting and where can people find out how to do that? Number one, is this a service you can help people with? Let’s start with? Let’s start with that. Okay, great. Absolutely. And what is your basic contact information? I will make sure it’s in the blog below,

Katriana Zommers  3:12 

sir, so you can reach me, you can reach me at cat at kitty cat I specialize in all types of social media marketing, but I especially have a soft spot for cannabis marketing. And Instagram reels. Like I said, that’s a built in feature. If you’re looking for somebody to walk you through how to do it. I offer free 30 minute consultations to anybody who’s curious. pick my brain I’m happy to I’m happy to chat no pressure to buy or to work with me or anything like that. I just love helping people.

Harry Brelsford  3:41 

No, I get it. And we’ll end on what is your Instagram handle. That’s I think another way to reach you.

Katriana Zommers  3:46 

Of course, you can reach me at kitty cat consulting. That’s on Instagram. And that is my marketing Instagram. And you can see what I’m up to there.

Harry Brelsford  3:56 

All right, well, we’ll talk to you. We’ll talk to you next time. Thanks for always bringing new stuff. I appreciate it. Old people like me need to keep it real and fresh. Of course.

Katriana Zommers  4:06 

Thank you so much, Harry. All right. Bye bye.