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Cannabis security is an important part of developing a comprehensive safe business.  No mater what part of cannabis you are in from the grower, transportation, or a dispensary, protecting your assets, employees and customers should be top of mind.  To address the security vulnerabilities we chat with Luis Alvarez who shares with us the system he recommends which is a surveillance system that’s actually backed by real guards.


Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  0:05 

Hey 420MSP Harry here back with Luis Alvarez  How you doing in California?

Luis Alvarez  0:11 

It is a beautiful day here on the central coast of California foggy but that’ll burn off soon.

Harry Brelsford  0:17 

All right, you’re away from the fires, I assume? I hope so.

Luis Alvarez  0:20 

Yeah, yeah, they’re far away Far North. Unfortunately, the the breezes are taking the smoke away from us. So as long as there’s not an orderly we’re in good shape.

Harry Brelsford  0:29 

Alrighty, way quickly, I had a call the other day with my good friend Garrett, over a deep Sentinel. And he said he’s doing good stuff with you what’s going on?

Luis Alvarez  0:40 

Well, you know, Deep Sentinel, for those that don’t know is a it’s a surveillance system that’s actually backed by real guards. And it has two way audio and video so that the guards can actually interact with people that might be, you know, in a space that they shouldn’t be things, you know, in particular, around here, the big issue is homelessness, right? So a lot of homeless people that take up residence and storefronts after hours, and you know, all that sort of stuff, some vagrants and things like that. So Deep Sentinel lets you pay for a relatively affordable system a lot less costly than, you know, like even a guard service. And they can interact with whoever’s there and say, Hey, are you are you supposed to be here? If you’re, if you’re not, then they can, you know, tell you to go away, which usually people do. And worst case, they can actually even call the cops in which we’ve had a couple of incidences that that’s happened to. So for the businesses that we’re working with, they love it, because it’s an affordable alternative to what they’re currently paying for, which is a, you know, patrol service. And it’s much more effective. And we’re selling a boatload of it. They have a residential component to them. But more and more that it’s the commercial side that we’re working with.

Harry Brelsford  1:57 

And are you working with it strictly in the cannabis field?

Luis Alvarez  2:00 

Are you No, I know. Yeah, go ahead. Yeah. So that and our cannabis clients love it, right, because our camera system replaces a basically a $10,000 a month guard. So for a few $100, we can solve the same problem for a lot less money. And the state regulatory agencies have rule that yeah, that that’s an effective use, you know, of alternative guards so that they’re not out, you know, outside the bounds of compliance. But also just commercial businesses, you know, downtown areas we’re doing, working with the City of Santa Cruz, for example, which is north of us, and they have a big problem with homelessness, and they’re trying to, to keep the homeless out of the downtown area, because it you know, that too high, it’s high tourist season, right, and they want to be able to, to have people that are visiting, feel comfortable and not feel, you know, weird about walking through the city in the morning. And a lot of businesses like the idea of replacing what otherwise would be a very expensive option with a very affordable, you know, seven by 24 service that does what it’s supposed to do.

Harry Brelsford  3:08 

Yeah. Yeah. Cool. And are youthat give me the use case for like, the the grower, I’m assuming, you know, can the video be archived as well as the service? Okay.

Luis Alvarez  3:22 

Yeah, so the video can be archived, you can also integrate into an existing NVR system. So if you already have cameras, which, you know, if you’re a cannabis grower in California, you have to, and so you have a cameras already this, these cameras can integrate with that system. So you can, it has dual purpose, it still does the recording that it’s supposed to do. But at the same time, it can be used t detect and alert on people that shouldn’t be in an area. So if you have a large facility, for example, and you have cameras set out on the corners of a fence that have a view of the entire area, then you can detect if somebody is there that shouldn’t be there. And then you know, the guards can talk to them say, Hey, get out, leave whatever has alarm, also has an alternative, really loud. klaxon. It’s hugely loud. And so if you’re, you know, if you’re trying to ignore the guard that that sound will send chills up and down your spine because it’s pretty loud. And like I said, worst case, they can call the cops or guard service if you have an existing guard service to respond to an incident. So for the cannabis growers, they can eliminate about a third of their regular guards that that normally cost them 10,000 a month each. So it’s really it’s really picking up in the cannabis space.

Harry Brelsford  4:41 

All right, we’ll make that the final word. Thank you, my friend.

Luis Alvarez  4:44 

 You welcome. Take care.