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Well we all know how 2020 ended and 2021 begin.  With a roll a coaster of canceled events, an explosion of virtual events, and then back to in person events, it is hard to predict what the future holds.  With many people looking to go back to in person events we are starting to see events cancelling/postponing as we are getting into fall and what use to be known as the flu season.  Although, we are seeing many events cancel there are a few that are holding out for those in person events.  We meet with event specialist Adelia Carrillo as she shares with us what she is seeing in the industry and what she predicts for the future.

Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  0:05 

Hey 420MSP I am with Adelia Carrillo from EventHi, congratulations on being named one of the most visible cannabis technology influencers by Marijuana Venture magazine.

Adelia Carrillo  0:19 

Thank you. And I’m excited to be here today.

Harry Brelsford  0:21 

All right. So what we’d like to do with each of the influencers is ask a couple questions quickly as looking over your LinkedIn profile. If you’ve been in the game since at least 2015. That’s a long time for this industry. Tell me a little bit about your background, how you got to where you’re at today?

Adelia Carrillo  0:38 

Yeah, definitely. It’s definitely feels like a long time. And I was in the consumer electronics industry, actually. And, you know, didn’t think I would be in the cannabis space at all. But I actually had some health complications, which, which led to me becoming a Cannabis Patient that evolved into me researching this industry, and really seeing that I saw a missing piece in the beginning, drug cannabis network was like a TechCrunch. So we highlighted startups tech innovation, okay. Sure. And that’s really kind of what I was envisioning in the beginning. I think, you know, I learned a lot, we accomplished a lot, we were able to really scale and highlight a lot of good companies. But that was my first real business by myself. And I mean, with the team, and we raised capital, but really leading my own first startup and, and it was tough, it was it was really tough. So after about four years of running that business, I had to make that decision to, you know, close it down. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a stable revenue model. But it opened the door to taking a position with EventHi. And, and they they aligned Well, with a lot of the mission and and kind of vision that I had with dcn. Obviously, it’s not a media platform. It’s it’s more of a tech platform, and, but everything has really been able to evolve and grow with that transition for my journey.

Harry Brelsford  2:02 

And you know, just to encourage you, I probably done 12 startups over the years, and one really hit one out of 12. Right, that still happens, what is the eventHi, business models.

Adelia Carrillo  2:22 

So we are a online marketplace. And so that’s really we have event organizers who post publish and promote their events and they sell their tickets and sponsorships through our platform.

Harry Brelsford  2:35 

Ticketmaster, that’s it sort of,

Adelia Carrillo  2:37 

yeah, exactly. Kind of like Ticketmaster, we do have a feature that allows for event organizers to sell sponsorships. So it’s a little bit different, you know, a little bit extra features. And obviously, we cater to the cannabis industry, we provide a compliant platform so that they can safely and compliantly sell tickets and sponsorships for these events.

Harry Brelsford  2:58 

Sure. Sure. Yeah. It’s a regulated industry. Final question is, you know, sort of the elephant in the room with events. I mean, let’s just hit it straight on. What are you hearing? What are you seeing? You know, we’re, we’re near the end of q3 and 2021. This is your world? what’s what’s what’s news?

Adelia Carrillo  3:19 

Yeah, I mean, obviously, we all know last year how that went. And that was the the most life changing, and but we survived. So that’s the first thing I’m like, Yes, we made it through. Now, what we have seen in the past year, you know, January, February of this year, things started picking up again, events started happening, you know, we really saw an increase throughout the summer. And then obviously, now where we’re at, to be real, we’re seeing cancellations, we’re seeing postponing events, again, however, we are still seeing in person events, but now there’s a transition and how they’re marketing it, they’re more intimate, or they’re now requiring these, you know, the vaccine passports or at least showing a negative test and incorporating more safety measures. We don’t think it’ll be as, as I don’t want to say as bad but in a sense, we don’t think it’ll be as bad as it was last year, we we do believe that there’s still going to be events throughout the next few months. And we think it’ll kind of repeat again, where it’ll stay slow all the way till January. And then again, things will start to reopen as you know, flu season starts to lessen and things like that.

Harry Brelsford  4:26 

Yeah. And I appreciate your transparency. It only adds to your credibility and then also your expertise. Because my my, my question was, just as it sounded right, like, this is what you do. What are you hearing? Yeah. So Well, once again, congratulations. You’re on the marijuana venture list of most visible cannabis technology influencers. And enjoy enjoy the ride. Thank you.

Adelia Carrillo  4:52 

Thank you.